Aug 012017

I am going to make this post short and sweet.

My issues with Tom McClintock are simple.

#1 He forgot the little people that helped elect him. He has been an enemy of the conservatives / tea party in local GOP Cent Com Politics. He publicly attacked Placer CRA when I was still in leadership of the CRA as one of several examples I could quote over the years.

#2 He has been hostile to local government, acerbic and has held a grudge against many of them for years over their support of his primary opponent in 2006.

#3 Other than #1, he has done next to nothing to build the party.

So why am I telling you to re-elect him?

In the last couple of years, I have had reported to me a seed change in McClintock’s treatment of local government. He appears to be engaging.

In 2016 when Doug LaMalfa and others were parsing their words over President Trump with regard to the Billy Bush video, Tom McClintock stood up and at personal risk told everyone to grow up and support the nominee. Doug LaMalfa never came out and told people to vote for Donald Trump, Tom McClintock did. By doing so, Tom McClintock played a role in building the Republican Party in addition.

While McClintock was a reluctant Trump Supporter (remember, I personally did not heave to until Dr. Carson endorsed Mr. Trump), unlike Congressman LaMalfa, he did not have staff or consultants participating in the #NEVERTRUMP effort.

Tom McClintock also left the freedom caucus, recognizing that he was marginalizing himself by always letting the perfect be the enemy of the good. As such, Tom McClintock has been a reliable vote for the agenda of President Trump. Did Tom McClintock squish out?, not even close. He has been part of the crew reminding the President of his base, by getting out from under that yoke, Tom McClintock is building the Republican brand in a positive way.

In this era of near psychotic democrats pushing the straight out lie of Russia and obstructing every piece of the President’s agenda for the sake of trying to assuage their bruised egos over the election, we need people that are supporting the President’s agenda. Supporting President Trump’s agenda builds the Republican Party.

Tom McClintock has been attacked for doing his job. Witness the losers in the Sacramento Bee with their #FAKENEWS and blatant bias villifying him for invalid reasons for years and their recent tacit support for the violence at his recent town hall meetings. Yet, Tom McClintock still soldiers on continuing to do town hall meetings knowing that crazed moonbats are going to show up in a vainglorious crusade to get the Bee and other liars to give them media coverage.

I’ve been openly hostile to the Congressman for several years and I gain nothing from endorsing him.  While some of my issues with Tom McClintock remain, I am endorsing him and will oppose any opponent to the Congressman in 2018.

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  3 Responses to “Early Endorsement Update: Re-Elect Congressman Tom McClintock”

  1. He is also a carpet bagger. But he remains better than the alternatives we have seen. The bar is pretty low these days.

    Mike – living outside the district is legal. That said, Here is a list of some of the things McClintock is not guilty of: Tax evasion, bribery, extortion, corruption, campaign finance violation, lying about his positions on issues to get elected, having sex with a staffer, having sex with another member of congress, using drugs, using drugs while in office, getting rich off of office, cancelling townhalls to avoid dissent, wire fraud, election fraud, hacking opponents, using the intelligence services to spy on opponents… Get where I’m going?

  2. As I said the bar is pretty low, when you look at many of the politicians we see in office. It is regrettable that we put up with poor performance, decadent behavior, criminal activity and low morals. Voters don’t seem to see the malfeasance as sufficient to toss the offensive politicians. Given there are usually no righteous or even unsullied candidates, voters are left with only poor choices. Our party, Republicans, has become so much like democrats that JFK was more conservative than they are.

  3. Mitchell K. White is running against Tom McClintock. He is the only one that is coming with a solid platform to bring down healthcare costs, fight crime, drugs and is a solid conservative republican. McClintock sold out to Drugs, he wrote Amend 334 called McClinctock/Polis Amend. to keep federal from enforcing drug laws. Tom voted for a special prosecutor against Trump, Tom did not vote to repeal Obamacare Budget like he promised. Tom is useless and does not keep his promises. Ronald Reagan would not approve of Tom’s drug stance! Tom needs to drop his RR slogans now that he is accepting cash for drugs.

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