Aug 052017

By now, all of us that are interested in the California Republican Party know that Chad Mayes betrayed his wife, the California Republican Party and the Taxpayers of California.

In the last several days I have learned the following:

  1. Jim Brulte informed the CRP Board of directors that the Joint Fundraising Agreement that has existed since the enactment of Prop 34 was going to be terminated. Someone (Chad Mayes?) then directed Joe Justin, the consultant and brains behind the Cap and Trade deal to unwind the agreement. It is apparent that Mr. Mayes has had disdain for this fundraising agreement almost the entire time he has been leader. This “Power Move” appears to have been in response to…
  2. The CAGOP Board is meeting on 8/18 and is going to call on Chad Mayes to resign. The Joint Fundraising agreement accounts for about 80% of the CAGOP’s budget and is a powerful threat to keep people in line. In order for the threat to have teeth, Mayes will have to survive the leadership vote on 8/22, as a new leader (Obernolte) is going to keep it in place.
  3. CAGOP Chairman Jim Brulte is alleged to have thrown procedural roadblocks against an emergency CAGOP Board meeting, phone meeting, Skype meeting or on line meeting of the CAGOP board in order to delay them meeting to hammer Mayes. It takes 8 board members to call a meeting and 15 to make it happen. This means that it is as likely that it would have been a waste of time as there was significant doubt that a resolution would be occurring. So were there 8 people that would call the meeting? Or if this move was 100% Mr. Brulte, then combined with the threat to shut down 80% of the budget, it establishes a pattern of Mr. Brulte taking an overt and hostile action out in the open for the first time in his chairmanship.
  4. When the Mayes story first broke, the donors mentioned in previous posts and the employees of those donors were out defending Mr. Mayes. They are pretty silent publicly at this point.
  5. It has been put to me that should Chad Mayes get unseated as Permanent Minority Leader, that he will resign from the Assembly completely as his long term political ambition (CA-08 to replace the ailing Paul Cook) will have been effectively decimated.
  6. I was reminded that I had been told months ago that Jim Brulte was planning on resigning as CAGOP Chairman by Labor Day to pave the way for Kristen Olsen. I asked him several months ago when I heard the rumor if it was true, and Mr. Brulte told me he was finishing his current term. Was that rumor ultimately true after all?
  7. Kristen Olsen is NOT resigning as CAGOP Vice Chair. She is appearing to be playing the victim card and prefers the CAGOP Board to expel her rather than do the last honorable thing and resign. Worse, it is alleged that Ms. Olsen and Mr. Mayes have both moved on from each other to new relationships. Good God.
  8. CAGOP Chairman Jim Brulte appears to be caught in a mess of his own making, did he know that Kristen was having an affair with Mayes when he appointed her CAGOP Vice Chair? Did Mr. Brulte have clients of his consulting firm that benefited from Mayes’ Cap and Trade Deal? (I asked him and he indicated he knew of none) Is Mr. Brulte angling, like it appears Ms. Olsen is to try “suicide by cop” as in goading the CAGOP Board in to expelling him?
  9. Somewhere Joe Justin has to be asking himself what went wrong, as he grossly underestimated the blowback and the absolute outrage over the second largest tax increase in state history. (Justin is both a political consultant and Chad Mayes Chief of Staff)
  10. One of the heroes of this saga, Joseph Turner somehow received a copy of a confidential memo leaked from either the Assembly Rules Committee or the Assembly Ethics Committee. Someone had it out for Jim Brulte, Kirsten Olsen, Chad Mayes or all three. The memo was an ethics complaint written by Ms. Olsen’s soon to be ex-husband related to the affair between her and Mr. Mayes. Who sent Turner the Memo? Why? Remember, I had someone verbally leak to me the Rules Committee’s termination of Ted Gaines’ serial sexual harasser former staffer Steve Davey – so leaks from the rules committee are not unheard of.
  11. Jay Obernolte, an Assemblymember who represents the district formerly infested by Tim Donnelly is now running against Chad Mayes for leader.

I knew Jay Obernolte in High School. His life and mine took wildly different paths in the 30+ years since. Jay is a multi-millionaire and self-made. He is a man of ethics and integrity. He has been with the same woman since I knew him in High School 30+ years ago (it was 1985!).

Jay is not as conservative as I am, but he is extremely intelligent, thoughtful and deliberate. He will make good decisions and can always be reasoned with and pulled to the right if need be.

I trust Jay Obernolte and you should too. As to the rest of this mess, chalk it up as the latest disappointment in the life of a CAGOP Activist.

  4 Responses to “Chad Mayes to CA GOP, UP YOURS – My Endorsement of Jay Obernolte for CAGOP Leader”

  1. Jay Obernolte has my endorsement as the new minority leader of the State Assembly – Bob Larivee US Senate Candidate

  2. Obernolte had my support!!

  3. “has” my support…not had.

  4. Thanks for your personal insight into this very serious matter. i will do my research. I am sick of the CAGOP.

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