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blog-with-no-postsI have been in contact over the last several months with a ton of Trump Volunteers. Few, if any have anything good to say about Tim Clark.

As of the time I am writing this email, Donald Trump’s historic loss in California is over 4 Million Votes. The ripple effect down the ballot all over the state has been felt as Republicans were unseated everywhere. I will dive in to that later.

I have been told by reliable capitol sources that John Moorlach is going to mess over his current Chief of Staff and rehire Tim Clark. (If he has not already done so)

This is people’s exhibit A for the demise of the Republican Party in California. Tim Clark did less than nothing for Donald Trump and John Moorlach did less than nothing for the Orange County Republican Party while Young Kim and Ling Ling Chang were defeated in their elections.

Attached is a screenshot of the Team Trump California WordPress site blog page. This was announced in an email sent out with Tim Clark’s name on it. (I have been told that Clark did not even write most of the emails that had his name on them)

The blog has no entries at all and 48 lifetime visits. This is the world of campaigns run by Tim Clark.

I had been told by several Republican activists that Tim Clark said his primary effort was the re-election of John Moorlach – said while he was allegedly on Donald Trump’s Payroll. One could draw the conclusion that Clark was maintaining his state paycheck while the State of California was caught in a blue forest fire.

To a lesser extent John Moorlach, but to a major extent Tim Clark bears a lot of responsibility for the democrat super-majority and their significant gains in local non-partisan offices that occurred in 2016.

One can not simply explain away a presidential candidate losing a single state by more than double the margin of loss nationally. However, when Tim Clark is involved, you can. Stay tuned.

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  2 Responses to “Tim Clark Update: Senator John Moorlach to Rehire Failure”

  1. Blogger’s Note – the commenter is an individual I received several very specific complaints about. I left him out of the posts and may reconsider adding him in due to his arrogance. You can not mistreat volunteers. I will be addressing the phone bank efforts (his 4th point) as I am well aware of them in a future post. Items 1 and 2 are technical hair-splitting issues, the site looks incompetent and like a disaster. 3. Many of the 40k are from other states. I will not be issuing a retration in the slightest, in fact, the response tells me I am hitting a nerve. Tim Clark ripped off Donald Trump and screwed the CAGOP in the process, that is the point and no amount of screaming will change that.

    As the founder and originator of the “blog page” you incorrectly attack as part of “Tim Clark” and the Trump Campaign, let me correct your statement and publicly request your retraction. 1) The website is static and for information only. it is not a “blog.” 2) It is ran by VOLUNTEERS, not the Campaign as it states. 3) The “blog” for Californians for Trump has over 40,000 active members, with branches is every county from facebook and twitter. 4) We the volunteers for the Trump Campaign made over 1.6 millions calls into the Battleground states- were WERE the national Trump Ground Game (more calls than Hillary national campaign, a single CA station made more calls than Trump Tower). These are FACTS. Please correct them: my email is [email protected] com

  2. We had 35,000 active volunteers in CA working the Trump battle ground states, Where was Aaron F. Park when his own county could not win Trump? Typical Cruz supporter who failed to unite around the populist movement. Only one to complain for the failure of the CAGOP would be the CAGOP. As the chairman/founder of Californians for Trump we have social media local groups in each county: over 60 separate groups. I can tell you first hand county by county how Trump volunteers were treated by the good-‘ole boy CAGOP. As far as the website you wrongly claim was Tim Clark’s: it plainly states it is composed of the VOLUNTEERS and its numerous videos was the grassroots organization and training that was not found by any CAGOP group, including the ones in Placer. Instead of name-calling and false representation, Let’s start working together to unite against the deep blue of CA.. instead of once again dividing which is what continues to const the GOP victories in CA.

    Blogger’s Note: Trump carried Placer County by 13 points, I was in Washoe County where few if anyone from California was.

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