Nov 102016

In Placer Sup D5, Josh Alpine, a well-respected PCWA director held off a challenge from extreme left-wing enviro Otis Wollan. Wollan was unseated 8 years ago by Ben Mavy. Mavy recruited and supported Alpine 4 years ago before he moved to Wyoming.

In Auburn, long time and well-known businesswoman Cheryl Maki won a seat on the Auburn City Council. Keith Nesbitt was defeated. Maki is a fairly Conservative Republican who will help tilt that council to the business friendly right.

I’ve known Maki for years and while we’ve had our differences, I did support her over Josh Alpine for PCWA 4 years ago. I am glad to see her get elected, she will do well.

Mike Holmes lost his second election in a row in Auburn, losing a City Treasurer Race.

Short Sale LincolnWhile I was not paying attention much to races outside of Rocklin and Roseville, I have to say that I am thrilled to see that the residents of Lincoln have rejected Spencer Short.

While Short is arrogantly posting on his facebook that he is going to run for something else in the future – it appears that the 3-term councilmember had burnt a sufficient number of bridges with his duplicity. It was put to me that the usual sources of money that Lincoln Council Candidates go to for financing were quite tepid for Mr. Short (save for one).

Should Mr. Short run for another office in the future, he can make bank that the blog will be there for him.

For right now, we are thrilled that the residents of Lincoln performed cancer surgery and held a short sale.

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