Jun 022016

This is how I would vote if I had a vote in every race in Placer County:

US Senate – Duf Sundheim. He is the best chance for the GOP.

CD01 – Doug LaMalfa or Joe Montes. I endorsed Montes, but LaMalfa endorsed and is actively assisting Bill Halldin.

CD04 – Tom McClintock, the only Republican on the Ballot

SD01 – Steven Baird

AD01 – Brian Dahle

AD05 – Frank Bieglow

AD06 – Bill Halldin www.billhalldin.com 

Placer SUP D3 – Jim Holmes
Placer SUP D4 – Kirk Uhler
Placer SUP D5 – Michael Babich is the Republican Candidate Running

Prop 50 – No, but hell no.

Placer GOP Cent Com District 1 – Vote ONLY for Eric Eisenhammer – he has been targeted for elimination by independent groups.

Placer GOP Cent Com District 2 – Vote for Joe Patterson, Kathy Arts and Laurie Wallace

Placer GOP Cent Com District 3 – Vote for for Ken Hubert and Greg Janda

I am opposed to staff of partisan officeholders holding positions on Central Committees period no matter how much I like some of them. I do not know many of those on the ballot that are not staff.

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