Jun 092016

I have a few thoughts on the election.

  1. Kirk Uhler won by 20 points despite Democrat Turnout being over 10 points skewed in Sup D4. Let that sink in to the Uhler-haters.
  2. Kevin Kiley blew the GOP field out. Anyone with any experience in the elections game will be able to understand why. I will be writing about this more later. Suffice to say, Mr. Kiley will be our Assemblymember for 12 years.
  3. Dan Catania, who was used to help change leadership in the Placer GOP in 2012 was discarded and defeated by pretty much the same people that supported him then in this election.
  4. The money spent all over the state on Central Committee Elections had very mixed results. The best such result was unseating Jon Fleischman in Orange County. However, it appears that the leadership in Butte County will survive the attempted takeover there.
  5. Doug LaMalfa survived a primary challenge, easily. Dear potential primary challengers to Doug LaMalfa, stop now.
  6. As of right now, it looks like Tim Donnelly is going to lose another election. This time, he is in third in the CA08 race and looks headed for the trash heap.
  7. The Dems have a lot of D vs D runoffs to deal with that are going to suck loads of cash away from target seats…
  8. … as several Republicans in marginal districts had very tough results and will likely draw serious expenditures of cash against them in the fall.

Despite the dirty looks and glares from Tea Partiers – it is not my fault the State of Jefferson is dead. The local Tea Party attempted to take out 3 sitting supervisors with opponents who did not win. Those same votes could and will kill the State of Jefferson. It is pure political sense.

Little, if anything changes on the Placer GOP despite the money spent. They tried to take out the CRA’s Pol-Pot Bellied Information Minister – he finished 7th. Eric Eisenhammer finished 5th. Both won despite two pieces of mail and a ton of slate cards bought against them. As expected, Phil Ozenick won. You could spend $1,000,000 trying to unseat him from the GOP Cent Com and you would lose.

In Sup D2, Debra Jackson won despite being targeted. Laurie Wallace and Carissa Campbell lost despite being supported. I wrote above about Dan Catania.

A lot of people will have a lot to say. Frankly with Donald Trump sealing the deal before the California Primary, it jacked up the electorate to an unstable, extremely difficult to peg group. I would not read a whole lot in to the results, unless there were decisive race results (such as Kevin Kiley’s win in AD06 or Uhler’s 20 point victory in the face of very high Dem turnout).

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