May 312016

I received an email that someone got a live phone call from Govern for California Action Committee. It went out about 11:00 AM today.

They paid for a live phone call to people in #AD06 attempting to chase absentee ballots and touting Kiley’s only campaign playing cards.

Govern for California PAC is funded by the same Obama Bundlers that Kiley has been hammered for accepting $250,000 from. Govern for California is also the intermediary that is responsible for raising at least $200k, maybe as much as $250k of Kiley’s Warchest. Click the hyperlink to see the notation on Kiley’s Campaign Finance Report of an Intermediary. Whose candidate is Kiley, anyway?

Tench Coxe, David Crane and John Scully highlight the list of donors to this PAC. Click the above link. The three of them all gave Kiley $4200.

As of right now – the PAC has not declared the independent expenditure. However, they are supporting democrats exclusively in other districts.

I can safely say that this was in the plan since last May when Kiley declared his candidacy and when he took to social media on 5/28/2016 to complain about being lit up for his liberal views and Obama Bundler donors – then this was a signal for the cavalry to come in. He knew he had an intermediary raising a ton of money for him and that they could also come in from the outside on his behalf.

It is also clear that Kiley has made these Bay Area liberals promises and is also willing to say whatever he has to in order to win.

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