Feb 222015

In case you missed it, the NorCal Tea Party lied in an email.

They accused Placer County Supervisor Kirk Uhler of single-handedly conspiring to raise our taxes. Their attack was so ill-conceived that they told people to call the Placer County Board of Supervisors.

The NorCal Tea Party could not even attack the right government entity in their lie! The PCTPA is looking at ways to fund much-needed Road improvements in Placer, not the Board of Supes!

The attack was so absurd that liberal Democrat Jennifer Montgomery went to the most recent Auburn Meddlers meeting and set the record straight. That’s correct – a liberal Democrat told the truth and the NorCal Tea Party lied.

Something about that has to be unconstitutional.

Undaunted – the NorCal Tea Party has dug their heels in. They, like so many other tea parties have determined that even conceding one detail of their attack would be akin to getting captured by ISIS.

At the recent Placer GOP Central Committee Meeting NorCal Tea Party leader Ken Campbell repeated the lie again, including reiterating that it is the Placer County Board of Supervisors promoting the tax.

I wonder if the NorCal Tea Party knows about the 12 year old resentment that Ken Campbell has against Kirk Uhler – Campbell was making unilateral decisions as Chairman of the Placer GOP back then and Cent Com Members Kirk Uhler, Kathy Lund and others called him on it. Ken has never forgiven any of them and has been on a personal vendetta ever since. I doubt anyone in the NorCal Tea party would care if they knew, since the facts don’t matter.

Another Tea Party member of the inept and useless Placer GOP Central Committee asked the question about recruiting Republicans to run against other Republicans in office. (So there’s your context for Ken Campbell’s lie)

If the NorCal Tea Party uses this lie to go after local Republican Electeds (which I believe they will), you read it here first. They will lose and they will lose their credibility forever. But, heck, they will never have to apologize or retract their lie, will they?

… and people wonder why someone as far to the right as I am can’t stand the Tea Party? It was never their principles, it is many in their leadership and the libertarian anarchy that seems to have taken over. The Tea Party refuses to police themselves and in many areas are useless agents of chaos. Only they can stop being stupid – day 12 and counting.

Do I think they will ever retract their lie? Nope – some of the brain-surgeons in their group still think the FBI was investigating my Brother for Embezzlement (It has been 4 1/2 years since the alleged visit to Karen England’s House, btw)

P.S. Thank you Jennifer Montgomery for being an honest liberal and standing up for the truth.

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