Aug 212014

When I was at the Anaheim Republican Assembly Meeting last night – I was there with five other Sock Puppet CRA Vice Presidents and of course my hand puppet, CRA President John W Briscoe.

One of my hand-picked minions, Mark Gardner is from Fresno, Three-Plus Hours away from Anaheim. He is also a chemical salesman, so I decided to go stanhope of some of his floor samples before writing this post…

I was very pleased to see all of my hand-picked sock puppets doing my bidding.

You see – the CRA had been beset by Gerbils. There are the kinds of Gerbils that adorn someone’s head, there are the kinds of Gerbils that dance around the Jumbotron in Anaheim Stadium and of course there are the Gerbils that sit in mommy’s basement on their commodore 64 dreaming up political scenarios to validate themselves.

The problem is that if left unattended, Gerbils will multiply and will multiply quickly.

So – I got out my secret mind control device and pulled off the following:

I invented 49 fake members for the Anaheim RA then I told the Commodore 64 Gerbil to throw out 6 Anaheim RA members so I could rally my sock puppets.

I then got my sock puppets to come from as far as 4 hours away from Anaheim in the middle of the week to stage an event for  the Anaheim RA.

All of this so that I could control a CRA endorsement for a guy I have never met who was going to vote for the Commodore 64  Gerbil for President of the Anaheim RA anyway!

Then when I got to the Anaheim RA meeting I had rigged the outcome of – to my horror, my hand-picked recruits were  nominating candidates for unit office I had not planned on. I witnessed the HORROR of contested unit officer elections!

Even worse, there was debate amongst the unit members!!! I might have lost control of the outcome…

At the end of the day – my favorite sock puppet from Santa Clarita manipulated everyone just like I had asked her to and I got the result that I wanted.

I mean, I drove 850 miles round trip and got home at 4am because I was either under the influence of chemicals or because the pay was so good, right? I mean, those are the only two plausible explanations any reasonable person not under the influence of paint-thinner could draw?

Then I faced the horror of volunteer politics. I had actually sacrificed my time for the sake of the CRA and 65 people I had never met. I must have truly been higher than a kite… maybe I need to go to a meeting tonight and admit a relapse.

To think of the audacity of realizing that mocking the Virgin of Guadalupe is a bad thing for GOP party building, or seeing the margin in Orange County slipping from 68% to 53% in the most recent Presidential election as a bad thing!

Controlling people, places and things and viewing organizations only for their endorsement on a piece of mail is where the true power is, right?

I knew that re-connecting with reality and understanding that the only solution to what ails the Orange County GOP must certainly qualify me for therapy as I have certainly lost my way.

Aug 202014

We have fought hard to rid the CRA of Consultants and Partisan Electeds that seek to open CRA Franchises to serve as little more than endorsement mills.

Every election cycle, the story seems to repeat… hotly contested race, and the vultures attempt to descend upon the CRA.

In my home county of Placer, we have a real unit with real people so we convened an endorsing convention and did it the old-fashioned way. Apparently, having an open forum is disturbing to the political elite who want to control an outcome.

I give you the Anaheim Republican Assembly.

It’s “President” Steve Sarkis is out of control. He has publicly endorsed a woman, Lucille Kring for Anaheim City Council. (which is his right, by the way) Kring has taken Union Money despite a pledge not to and voted for a massive hotel tax in Anaheim despite a public pledge not to.

The current by-laws of the Anaheim Republican Assembly allow proxy voting and allow the President of the unit to unilaterally reject would-be new members. This is hardly the hallmark of a real CRA unit.

Steve Sarkis has used said authority to reject the applications of a staggering 49 new members.

IT does not stop there. He has sent letters to an additional 6 existing Members of the Anaheim Republican Assembly informing them that they have been expelled from the unit for various violations of bylaws. (Please note that in several cases, the violated by-laws don’t exist) 2 of the expelled members are sitting CRA Board Members as well!

Tonight, there was/is the regularly scheduled meeting of the Anaheim Republican Assembly. Steve Sarkis has been running his mouth all over Orange County to anyone that will listen – so 1/4 of the existing CRA’s Board of Directors decided to attend the meeting tonight to ensure that the attempted coup is unsuccessful.

I knew when Steve Sarkis started going berzerk that there was an election at hand. One of the rejected 49 members was none other than Tom Tait. When spoken to, Tait indicated that he was going to vote to re-elect Steve Sarkis at the meeting where he was rejected!

At the meeting where Sarkis threw out 49 members, they fell below quorum and were unable to elect officers. So, currently Sarkis is acting with no authority whatsoever.

Later, Steve started forwarding members that he had approved to the CRA’s Membership Secretary (who happens to be my brother). They included everyone’s favorite racial ambassador Consultant Matthew Guadalupe Cunningham, the President of the Anaheim Chamber and notorious bully Todd Ament, City Council Member and tax-raiser Gail Eastman , and of course Kurt Kringle the Santa Claus of Anaheim who hands out all the taxpayer funded corporate welfare to his cronies. (It should also be noted that Ament’s live-in Girlfriend also is listed as a would-be member of the CRA, an avowed socially conservative group)

Kurt Kringle (the former Assembly Majority Leader) is a cousin of Kris Kringle, the famous fat guy that runs around in a sleigh. It appears that Kringle and his sock puppets have come calling for a CRA Franchise to endorse their Crony Capitalist.

The nexus became clear Monday night – Lucille Kring was rejected famously as the normally reserved OC GOP Chairman Scott Baugh unloaded on Kring before the Orange County Central Committee overwhelmingly endorsed Tom Tait for re-election…

… which gets us all the way back to Steve Sarkis. Sarkis has a terrible reputation in Orange County I have discovered. Living 400+ miles away, it is hard to keep track of the morasse that is Orange County GOP politics.

It appears that Sarkis made promises to Kurt Kringle and his sock puppets that they would get a CRA endorsement to use as a counterweight against the Orange County GOP. Ummmm… nope. If the real members of the Anaheim CRA choose Kring, that’s one thing.

However, from going over 4 years of meeting minutes as well as their absurd by-laws, Sarkis (who lives in Stanton) has controlled the Anaheim RA with an Iron fist. (The losers that supported Karen England in 2011 were right in their criticism of Sarkis after all)

7 of the 20 would-be new members that Sarkis “approved” live outside of Anaheim.

Steve Sarkis has gone so far over the line that it is my sincerest hope that he is separated from the CRA for a very long time.

Despite threats of having their cars towed and being threatened with arrest in writing by Steve Sarkis, 6 Sitting CRA Vice Presidents were amongst the 12 State CRA Board Members that attended this evening.

Now that tonight’s meeting is over – the CRA can start to repair its’ image and return to being a real grassroots organization that stands for something, instead of being a cheap whore of political consultants and their lackeys.

Placer CRA Endorsements For Local Office Announced

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Aug 192014

The Placer County Republican Assembly held an endorsing convention on Saturday and made endorsements in several local non-partisan races:

Rocklin Unified School District: Susan Halldin / Todd Lowell / Wendy Lang
Roseville Joint Union High School District: Linda M Park / Scott Huber
Loomis Union School District 3 – Shad Deerfield
Loomis Union School District 4 – Mike Edwards
Roseville City School District – Susan Duane
Auburn City Council – Mike Holmes / Bridget Powers / Matt Spokely
Lincoln City Council – Stan Nader
Loomis Town Council – Miguel Ucovich / Robert Black / Brian Baker
Roseville City Council – Susan Rohan
Measure A – Neutral
Measure B – Neutral

There were a few issues delegated to the board, so any additional endorsements will be announced later.

Placer County Measure B – An Introduction

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Aug 182014

The current pay structure was conceived in 1991. The current pay structure was set without adjustments for population or inflation.

I know of very few people still using a vehicle from 1991 and no one uses a computer or a telephone from 1991. Why should government be forced to do the same?

Placer County’s Budget has grown 340% since 1992. This is mostly due to growth and unfunded state mandates.

However, the current supervisor salary would qualify most in California for an Obamacare subsidy and an EBT card!

It’s absurd.

The proposed measure will put in place a formula for the supervisor’s pay that can not be changed without another vote of the people. The concept being floated that the supervisors would get “get to set their own pay” is a deceitful lie.

Some of the opponents of the measure are certainly driven by their personal hatred of the supervisors. Reading the ballot argument only solidifies that notion. The opponents seem to be obsessed with the notion that the job of being a supervisor is part-time. The argument as written seeks to diminish what the supervisors do so as to buttress the hollow argument against Measure B.

Two of the primary arguments against Measure B are also personal in nature – further undermining the arguments themselves.

That gets us to the governance of the county. Despite the state stealing money from counties to fund welfare programs – Placer County has slashed its’ long term debt by a staggering $160 million.

The County budget has a 6% reserve. During the Great Recession, you would be hard-pressed to find ANY County in California that has pulled off both of the above. Most Counties have reserves of less than 4% because many are unwilling to make the tough decisions. (like telling the public employee unions no, or not this much)

Measure B is less than .1% of the county budget. It amounts to $.60 a person in the County, yet some are willing to die on a hill over this.

You may be curious as to how the county was able to achieve these reserves and debt reduction? They changed up the public employee pension system and got massive concessions including requiring employees to pay the full cost of their part of the insurance benefits!

Measure B imposes the same benefits system onto the supervisors.

Perhaps this is why the Independent Charter Review Committee recommended a change to the compensation for Placer County Supervisors.

The opponents of the measure have staked their opposition on the notion that the supervisors work a part time job. They can’t make that case, in their own personal animus against the sitting supervisors, they’ve boxed themsevles in.

In my opinion – the absurdity of the opposition is underscored by the following: Not only has Placer county been well-run fiscally on all accounts, one of the staples of the ballot argument against was a personal attack along the lines of  “if the pay was so lousy, then why are they running for the job?”.

Jim Holmes and Robert Weygant drew little more than token opposition in their last campaign. Jack Duran (a democrat, no less) was re-elected in a majority Republican district by acclamation because none of the top recruits could afford to file because the time commitment was so onerous that the pay would not come close to making them whole for the loss of time. (so much for the part-time job argument, so much for the argument that the lousy pay is not a factor in the decision of would be candidates)

Unwittingly, the opponents made one of the strongest cases for Measure B. Their quip about the lousy pay puts Miracle Grow on the main reason why there have been few truly contested supervisor elections in the last decade. They also undermine their own argument about term limits – the terrible compensation has indeed helped three of the current supervisors stay in office with little or no opposition in their last election. Yet – the opponents of Measure B are arguing for the status quo!

Jack Duran is a trial lawyer with assets. Robert Weygant is retired with assets. Jim Holmes is retired with assets. Jennifer Montgomery is reputed to be a hippee living on a commune, leaving Kirk Uhler as the only supervisor with a “normal” working-class life.

This is wrong. This needs to change. We need to remove the barrier to “real” working-age people to be able to serve Placer County.

The fundamentals are all there – Measure B is the right change at the right time for Placer County. No more uncontested supervisor elections, it is time to run ALL of Placer County like a business by voting Yes on Measure B.

Placer County Special Alert – Rene Aguilera’s Rampage 2014 Edition

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Aug 172014

Do you know Rene Aguilera?

He has run for Roseville City Council Twice, Placer County Supervisor Once and for School Board Four Times.

Aguilera was first elected to a local school board in 2002. He currently sits on the Roseville Joint Union High School District Board.

Aguilera – by reputation and anecdotal evidence – is a race-baiter who is obsessed with trying to create racial drama everywhere he goes in the South Placer Area.

He is also an extreme narcissist who has responded to this blog with anonymous comments and has sent anonymous letters to my insurance office. Someone with that outsized of an ego and that kind of a glass jaw has no place in office.

Rene Aguilera is also a lifelong democrat activist, which is likely where his racial politics came from. For years, the democrat leadership have played upon racial hatred in order to win elections.

Aguilera has recruited two of his fellow democrat activists to run for the High School Board against Linda M Park and Scott Huber.

Both Park (my mother) and Huber are well respected and are supported by a wide cross-section of the community. (This includes many of Aguilera’s fellow democrats)

Aguilera himself decided to do his usual, pull papers on the last day and file for Roseville City Council.

In 2012 – the Roseville Joint Union High School District trustees did not take Aguilera seriously. 2012 was Aguilera’s sixth – you got it sixth run for office in consecutive election cycles. Aguilera won almost 100% on the name ID.

This is Aguilera’s Seventh Run for a different office.

It is a fair question to ask if Rene even cares about the kids of the High School District.

The two candidates he recruited are liberal democrat activists who have never been to a high school district meeting. It appears that 100% of their qualification for office is their allegiance to everything Aguilera/Obama.

Aguilera has been an agent of chaos on every board he has served on. Several local democrats keep their distance from Aguilera’s due to his legendary reputation for bombastic behavior.

While trying to take control of the RJUHSD board with two cylon robot recruits – Aguilera is off running for Roseville City Council, for nothing else other than to continue his political “career”. Roseville deserves better.

As one of the very few who has ever criticized Aguilera publicly, the fact that Aguilera sent me an anonymous letter means that Mr. Aguilera lays awake at night worrying about what people think of him.

Sr. Aguilera – yo pienso que usted es una perdador. Y cunado estoy terminado con escribiendo sobre usted, vamos a ser muchas mas otras que van a pensar lo mismo tambien.

Please note – I have nothing to do with the campaigns of anyone running for office in Roseville. Rene Aguilera is a cancer that needs political chemotherapy. I kind of consider this reverse Obamacare for Roseville.

Game on.