Aug 052014

Dear Lawyers and Thin-Skinned People, this is called political commentary and free speech, get over it. (Today, this disclaimer is atop the post)

Today’s edition of El Dorado Confidential features a threat from Local Political Figure and Donor Ken Steers:

Mr Park,
I just checked out your web site. I see you’re in Placer county. Yet you act as if you know me. I also see you’re a friend of Chris Alercon and you two exchange, corroborate stories between your two web sites.
You have made some seriously erroneous statements that have impugned my character.
Does your father know you are pulling this BS? You will be hearing from me directly shortly sir.

I am wondering if Mr. Steers is planning on funding Clair(no e) McNeal’s campaign? McNeal says she is self-funding to be free of other people’s influence, or something like that.

I read the drivel once before the subscription hammer dropped on the article.

Apparently, Ken Steers is now supporting Clair(no e) McNeal’s campaign as the above threat was delivered on a facebook thread on the article. I have no clue if Steers left the threat up there or if he pulled it down – I also have no clue if Steers intends to lavish large amounts of cash on McNeal like he has other candidates. (This practice is commonly referred to as “buying” a candidate)

As I sit here trembling in fear over all the horrible things Ken Steers could do to me – I went back to the article.

In it, it appeared that Clair (no e) McNeal was trying to pander to developers.

Also – Clair (no e) used the term drinking the Kool-Aid to refer to a group of anti-growth activists in El Dorado County. This is just plain stupid. (Maybe Clair (no e) McNeal will send me a nasty letter, too?)

I write stuff to piss people like Ken Steers off because I want to effect elections. I am not a candidate and never will be. Clair (no e) just made the previous criticisms I wrote about her award-winning personality much more valid with this amateur campaign blunder. You don’t deliberately piss people off if you’re a candidate!

It appears that Clair (no e) McNeal really is spending a ton of money – amounts on the order of what Ken Steers donated to the psychotic El Dorado County DA Vern Pierson in 2006 and a loser Sheriff Candidate in 2010.  (McNeal reported $17k+ in loans to her campaign).

Clair (no e)’s $17,000 in a small county supervisor race is a staggering sum of money.

I have strong aversion to candidates attempting to buy seats. I also have a strong aversion to donors attempting to do the same. $17k in personal money or chipping in between $20,000 and $53,000 in combined contributions in small-county races easily qualifies for the “attempting to buy the office ass-whuppin” from the Right on Daily Blog – no matter what the spin is.

Claire McNeal needs to lose badly and it seems like she is well on her way with her staffing decisions and her own words in the article. Ken Steers is doing her no favors with his apparent support of her.

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