Jul 112012

It is no secret that there is an ideaological rift on the Placer GOP Cent Com.

There are the liberals that support Beth Gaines / Doug LaMalfa and the Conservatives that support Andy Pugno and anyone running against Doug LaMalfa.

Then there are the so-called Tea Partiers that align themselves with the Liberals while trying to call themselves conservatives, got all that?

One of the Moderate leaders, Jon Green who is the President of the Republican Congress of Placer County – a Pro-Choice, Pro-Gay Marriage liberal group wrote the following in an email:

This in unacceptable and a gift to the despicable taliban candidate pugno. I urge all responsible members of the central committee to vote no. shame on you hudson. we told you guys not to pull any cra crap regarding this convention. Jon Green

I have been convinced for a while that Jon Green, Mike Holmes and Cheryl Bly-Chester show up to disrupt Central Committee meetings borne out of their hatred of ideological Conservatives. Since those three serve the interests (at the moment) of the Gaines / Doug LaMalfa – there is a marriage of convenience. There is also an underlying tension of anti-religious bigotry that will come out in the open that is also fueling some of this. This is a story that needs to be told as those aligning themselves with this are as much accountable for it as those doing it – including Spencer Short who cuts and runs from meetings every time the social issues arise in a meeting.

I am going to enjoy calling out the corruption crusaders from the Lincoln Tea Party on multiple accounts – but their alliance with someone like this is a great start. (Their support of Spencer Short is another)

There is one minor detail here related to the mini rant by Jon Green – the CRA hasn’t endorsed anyone in AD06.

The issue that Jon Green is taking umbrage with? There was a proposal to give all Republicans running for partisan office on the November ballot delegates to the Placer GOP Endorsing Convention.

This would have included Beth Gaines, Andy Pugno, Brian Dahle, Rick Bossetti, Frank Bigelow and Rico Oller – as it stands right now, none would get to participate since none are considered a Republican nominee.

This is where the Central Committee is at and it is a guaranteed loser for the Lincoln Tea Party unless they suddenly realize that they got played for fools by Team LaMalfa and their staff/consultants… I am not holding my breath, there is a self-righteous jihad to find corruption, don’t you know…

… and the support of Charles Munger for their cause…

But, I’m just a liar for pointing out their stupidity based on no evidence of wrongdoing.

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  One Response to “Placer GOP Moderates Support Beth Gaines, call Andy Pugno “Taliban””

  1. Does this article mean that the conservatives in Placer County are supporting Jim Reed, the democrat for Congress against Doug LaMalfa? If so, why? It seems to this republican that no one with a D after his name is safe to send to Congress this year.

    Blogger’s Note: I am not sure of the identity of this commenter – the email address given bounced back. However, as to the main point – Doug LaMalfa is a loser. Jim Reed is a Communist. Vote for the loser over the Commie. I hope I have made it clear.

    Doug LaMalfa has demonstrated by his actions that he is a liberal and is quite vindictive against people he thinks have wronged him and worse against those that did not support him in whatever election campaign he is running in / ran in. This sort of behavior is not that of a leader – but he won the primary anyway.

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