Jun 242012

Want to know why billionaires like Charles Munger think they can buy the California Republican Party? Because as demonstrated by it’s behavior – the CRP is dead set on committing suicide and someone like the big daddy can walk in to the vacuum and take over.

The irony is that most of the people who haven’t committed suicide in the CRP are for sale – including so-called conservative leaders.

One of the “liberal counties” Monterey had a bit of drama in their Central Committee election – even though the so-called moderates there are in total control.

They recruited a man for their team that was/is a convicted felon, for Bribing a public official in Los Angeles County.

Here is the key quote from the Monterey Herald: “Fenton, who lost his law license in 2000, said he has done a lot of good things in the community and with local schools since coming to Monterey County. He said he never would have accepted Newman’s invitation to run for the committee if he knew it would lead to his past being turned over.”

He was honest – I will give him that. You caught the quote, right – he said he w0uld have never run for office if he knew he’d get caught.

This is another embarrassment for the California Republican Party – this time in Monterey.

This is a lesson for the so-called “Corruption Hunters” in Lincoln. It is called evidence. If there isn’t any doesn’t that tell you something?

Now – the big question this fall is what the “Corruption Hunters” are going to do in the City Council Race – the cities’ finances are a trainwreck and one of the worst offenders, Spencer Short has buddied up to the Lincoln Tea Party. I will get in to more on Spencer Short later – but suffice to say, he is not a Conservative, never was a Conservative – but the Lincoln Tea Party seems to be lining up to support Short and later more moderates for local Republican Party leadership.

Looks like an impending black eye for the Tea Party movement in addition.

However, it is all about their spiritual leader Doug LaMalfa who took a beating in the most recent election despite winning. People now know that LaMalfa is not the Conservative warrior he holds himself out to be, and the only Tea Parties that remained loyal to him were those that Doug LaMalfa’s staff intervened in. (aka Lincoln)

When you add the Monterey situation in with the Lincoln Tea Party, the Amador GOP, the Orange County establishment re-taking control of their committee by spending big bucks to throw out the constitutionalist candidates there (the exact same as what happened in Placer, the Conservatives were targeted in favor of the LaMalfa Tea Partiers and pro-choice, pro-tax liberals) – you can see a pattern…

… and you can see why a Liberal Billionaire like Charles Munger would attack the effective Conservatives by supporting ideological moderates and a group of brainwashed Doug LaMalfa Cylon Robots. Charles Munger does indeed have a good chance of taking over the California Republican Party by force.

The reasons? Most of those in the CRP that haven’t committed suicide are for sale, there are groups of naive, impressionable people that can be lied to and used, and many more have left the CRP in disgust – shrinking the universe needed to take control with an iron grip.

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