May 152012

There are two important questions to ask – Who helped Mark Spannagel do this? Who authorized Mark Spannagel to do this?

Some people call this Karma, others call this “What Comes Around”.

Mark Spannagel got hammered for putting up a fake website and making it look like Micheal Daquisto put it up.

The Redding Record-Searchlight hammered Doug LaMalfa. They also repeated the calls from the Sam Aanestad campaign for Mark Spannagel to resign as Doug LaMalfa’s chief of staff.

What Spannagel did is a felony if prosecuted. Unlike the people Spannagel has been accusing (the Placer CRA) there is actual evidence of wrongdoing against Spannagel.

Quoting the Record-Searchlight:

The Aanestad campaign said it filed a suit last week and subpoenaed records from the site host Those records were delivered Monday and showed the site was registered through on April 18 by Spannagel and paid for with a Visa credit card, the Aanestad campaign said.

The site initially posted with a disclaimer at the bottom, “FREE THINKERS FOR D’ACQUISTO,” according to a screen shot submitted by the Aanestad campaign.

Michael Dacquisto, also a Republican candidate in the race, said he never authorized anyone to use his name in connection with the website, and the first he heard of it was April 23 when he talked to Aanestad, who had left a message for him at his home.

“I do not know what the phrase “FREE THINKERS FOR D’ACQUISTO” refers to and I have never heard of that group or spoke with anyone who has identified himself or herself as being associated with that entity,” Dacquisto said in an email to the Record Searchlight.

It is amazing to see this stuff starting to get exposed. Northern California has had to endure LaMalfa running around deceiving people that he is some sort of Conservative God while his minions are committing fraud by the bushel.


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  One Response to “Local Media Hammering Doug LaMalfa + Calls for Mark Spannagel to Resign.”

  1. Sheesh. He should be fired for not having the sense to use an anonymous credit card you can buy at any grocery store.

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