May 092012

Up here in my end of the State – Doug LaMalfa is getting hammered for Farm Welfare and lots of it.

Now Gary Miller is caught with his fingers in the cookie jar.

It is interesting, really… Miller is one of the biggest earmarkers in Congress, and an acolyte of the current squish machine in Congress as well.

The irony is that so called leaders of the California GOP  are grandstanding on what a “Great Conservative” Gary Miller is and “How Divisive” it is for Bob Dutton to be taking on Gary Miller.

As far as I am concerned – until the GOP is over 60% registration in California, all incumbents are targets. Gary Miller should be on the Tea Party’s Ten-Most-Wanted list already, but after this latest stunt… he should get there.

Gary Miller is the Sponsor of a Bill to extend the life of the Ex-Im Bank. Aka  – export corporate welfare where the government picks winners and losers in the export market. What’s worse is that other so-called conservatives caved in and joined in the effort not only to continue this – BUT TO EXPAND IT’S SIZE!!!

From Farm Welfare to Trade Welfare.

But the Ex-Im bank is pernicious. Quoting National Review On-Line:

I am more than happy to explain why we should get rid of the Export-Import Bank. First, the Ex-Im Bank is nothing more than corporate welfare. This is an agency that is in the business of subsidizing private companies with taxpayer dollars. It is unseemly and I will never understand why anyone would think that it is a role of the federal government to help private companies make money, pay their employees, get loans, or produce goods or services at home or abroad. If a company can’t stay in business on its own, that is probably because it is trying to sell stuff that consumers don’t want to buy. If that’s the case, why should consumers then have to buy the goods or the service indirectly through their taxes?

It is obvious that Gary Miller is tone-deaf to the voters.

Freedom Works labeled this a key vote NO.

I find it absurd that the establishment lemmings lining up behind Gary Miller have conveniently ignored that he is leading the charge to extend the life of the bailouts.

According to Once again the Washington D.C. culture took over with Moderate Republicans like Gary Miller – opting for slow death instead of a Conservative cure:

Unfortunately, Eric Cantor decided to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory and agree to reauthorize the bank.  Worse, the bank’s lending cap will be expanded.  The funny thing is that they are calling it a compromise.  The compromise went something like this: Originally, Democrats wanted the loan cap raised from $100 billion to $140 billion.  Cantor, instead of opposing the underlying reauthorization, agreed to raise the cap to $113 billion.  So they came to an agreement to gradually raise the loan cap to $140 billion by 2014!

If I was a voter in that Congressional district – I’d march on Gary Miller’s office with a pitchfork.

  One Response to “Gary Miller for Congress – Extend the Bailouts!”

  1. This bank should completely be abolished, we need to end corporate welfare! Why should we give the government $140 billion loan limit…unless we have undisclosed reasoning?As an American citizen, I want a free market system, as a taxpayer I SHOULD NOT be on the HOOK for subsidized loans to anyone! I see this as another Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac in the making and we need a statesman to end this for us! If you look at the statistics, you will find that 90% of the “benefits” go to only a few fortune 500 companies, talk about the 1%ers again! Come on, let’s learn for the $3billion bailout in 1987 and not add to out debt crisis! Didn’t Enron and Solyndra benefit from the ex-Im bank?

    Miller, you are doing a great job paving the way for your children’s Social Security benefits!

    Get out of government, clear up your FBI investigation and start paying your capital gains taxes ….then you will feel the pain of your not fiscally conservative legislation!

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