May 092012

Mark Spannagel was tossed from the California Republican Assembly for committing fraud. Spannagel was president of a fake CRA unit in Yuba County. (There is a real one there now) The unit consisted of Doug LaMalfa Staff and Mark Spannagel’s Family.

Mark Spannagel is President of the CRYF “unit” in Placer County. IT does not meet. I have never been invited to a meeting of it – the other CYRF leadership have told me it is fake, and in fact one person told me that its’ members are Mark Spannagel’s Family and Doug LaMalfa staff!

Why does this matter? Doug LaMalfa’s staff have co-opted Tea Parties across the north state that are starting to emerge from the influence of Doug LaMalfa.

Doug LaMalfa’s previous chief of staff, David Stafford Reade was expelled from CRA for 10 years for committing fraud. Reade was also involved in creating paper CR and YR units years ago.

The fruit does not fall far from the tree and Doug LaMalfa’s pattern of controlling organizations simply to rig endorsements is legion. It also appears that the Tea Parties that are fighting to free themselves from the influence from Doug LaMalfa are starting to understand Doug LaMalfa’s contempt for grassroots he can’t control.

P.S. The Placer YRFC “endorsed” Doug LaMalfa. (Surprise)

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  One Response to “Doug LaMalfa Chief of Staff Mark Spannagel Burned in Another Fraud Scandal”

  1. I was searching for the head of the Placer County CRYF, but she apparently does not exist. I figured that it was fake, as that his how LaMalfa operates. Thankfully local organizations (and the Sacramento Bee) are starting to figure it out that LaMalfa does not have the bandwidth to be a Congressman.

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