Mar 252012

I really am feeling sorry for Elizabeth Emken.

The candidates surrounding her include Orly “Birther” Taitz, Richard Ramirez,  Dan Hughes. Heretofore referred to Orly, Moe and Curly.

If you take a trip to Dan Hughes website – you are greeted by a cheezy self-video about “Bold New Solutions for California”.
In my spirit of trying to help Mr. Hughes with his spiritual life – I had suggested that he attend confession in an earlier post. I’d like to suggest that Mr. Hughes invest a few bucks in paying his taxes.

Even the Bible says, “Render unto Cesar what is Cesar’s”

Mr. Hughes has a long string of disobeying the words of Jesus:

Over the past three years, Hughes’ corporations have failed to pay multiple tax bills and have accrued tax liens.

DAV Healthcare Services, Inc.- State Tax Lien, 7/21/11 – $1,273

Coast Environmental, Inc.- State Tax Lien, 8/18/2010 – $1,422

Coast Environmental, Inc.- State Tax Lien, 11/4/2009 – $1,885

For those of you scoring at home: $4580.

But wait, there’s more:

Hughes’ corporation, Coast Environmental, owns real estate properties with “DBA Western Medical Gas Services” and also appears jointly on tax liens with the WMGS corporation.  Western Medical  Gas Services has had three California tax liens filed against them worth a grand total of $6,612:

Western Medical Gas Services, Inc.- State Tax Lien, 7/25/11 – $3,511

Western Medical Gas Services, Inc.- State Tax Lien, 4/21/95 – $86

Western Medical Gas Services, Inc.- State Tax Lien, 8/8/94 – $3,015

That’s $11,192.

Now Hughes has lent / given / contributed $50,000 to his US Senate Campaign. I’d like to suggest as a practical matter that he take some of that money and pay his taxes!!!

… then go back to confession again.

I’m glad to help, because Dianne Feinstein sure won’t…

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  3 Responses to “Dan Hughes For Senate – Bold New Solutions of Tax Evasion?”

  1. BOLD solutions for tax problems alright. Also, nein, nein, nein!

  2. No dog in this fight, but I’m curious about how tax liens work. I thought the liens are filed and then a person/business has the opportunity to contest them.

    Bill Simon was contesting his tax bill when running for Governor, and Gray Davis used an attack similar to yours to pound Simon in the media. It seems like a dishonest attack, unless your point is one of electability against Diane Feinstein (We know Democrats will use these kinds of silly attacks against whoever our nominee is).

    Blogger’s Note: Two things – 1. Liens appear on your credit, so he had to know about them 2. Yes, this speaks to electability.

  3. I certainly agree taking care of tax evasion is an important matter. However there are much bigger issues to tackle in this election.

    First things first, we need to get Feinstein out of there!

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