Sep 152011

The Yolo GOP think that the State Republican Leadership are committing suicide and are wasting resources trying a referendum against the district lines drawn by the idiots on the redistricting commission. The fight between the two is intensifying…



Woodland, CA. – September 12th 2011 The Yolo County Republican Central Committee today is announcing their formal opposition to the proposed referendum seeking to overturn the work of the Independent Redistricting Commission by the California Republican Party.

“ This is bad decision by the Californian Republican Party  This a time where we need leadership – not partisan bickering.  Our State has been particularly hard hit by this bad economy and our citizens need results.  I am more worried about keeping jobs in California than I am helping State Senators keeping their jobs.” said Kirby Wells the Vice- Chairman of the Yolo County Republican Central Committee.

The Central Committee must feel the same way as they voted unanimously to pass the motion as presented by Glenn Holderreed is as  follows in its entirely:

“The objective of the Republican Party is to expand its voter base and to elect Republican candidates.  The Yolo County Republican Central Committee believes the current efforts of the California Republican Party to overturn the Citizens Redistricting Commission State Senate and Congressional maps are counterproductive.  This committee wishes to communicate to other Central Committees and to the California Republican Party our adamant opposition to any legal or referendum effort to overturn the State Senate and Congressional maps submitted by the Citizens Redistricting Commission.  We also direct our chairman to communicate these thoughts to the appropriate California Republican Party officials.

Holderreed commented, “This is a waste of resources.  We need to lead with positive ideas to create jobs and prosperity.”

This motion and vote closely follows the announcement by the Yolo County Republican Central Committee of their recommendation to the State Party that no lawsuits should be filed against the Independent Redistricting commission except in the secondary support of a disenfranchised minority group’s legal action.  The Central Committee went on to specifically commend the work of the Redistricting Committee members – while noting that mistakes had been made – the overwhelming opinion was that the members had worked hard for the best result for the State and it’s citizens.

This action pits the Northern California Yolo County Republican Central Committee against the powerful talk show CRP Chairman Tom Del Beccaro.  With the Republican State Convention this coming week in Los Angeles the outcome of this stand by the little County from Northern California will play out on the much larger Statewide platform.

For more information please contact Kirby Wells

Vice-Chair, Yolo County Republican Central Committee.

[email protected]

(916) 215-4291

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