Sep 172011

Charles Munger – remember that name. He is taking over the mantle of leadership for the RINO / Liberal Country-Club Republicans from Mark Abernathy.

Those of us in insider Republican circles have dealt with Abernathy for years – most recently, Abernathy’s allies attempted rigged proxy fights to stop to Republican Youth organizations from merging as one of the groups existed for years as a shell that was used by Abernathy’s crew to engineer endorsements. Sound familiar?

The CRA just exercised years of similar demons.

When the mods lost time and again, they sued. Sound familiar? The CRA got sued, twice.

Now a man who is 25 years younger than Abernathy and 1,000 times more wealthy is at the helm.

How liberal is Munger? He was the prime booster for Arnold – he financed most of Arnold’s operations in internal party politics with the goal of exterminating CRA Conservatives from the California Republican Party’s leadership.

Munger was a prime booster for then uber-liberal Republican Steve Poizner’s failed Assembly campaign in 2004. As Poziner started moving to the right as he was discovering his own core values – Munger abandoned Poizner and moved over to the uber-liberal Republican Meg Whitman camp by the 2010 Governor Primary.

Munger has declared war on Conservatives and at 54 years of age, will be here to stay for most of my political lifetime.

According to insider sources – the reason Jim Nielsen was a leader in the effort to gut the Republican Platform was due in no small part to David Reade getting a paycheck from Munger to run the operation on the Draftng Committee that engineered the partial-birth-abortion of the Republican Party Platform.

Here’s what the Sacramento Bee had to say: Link.

I direct your attention to two quotes from Schwarzenegger Consultants in the article:

“He wants the party to be seen as mainstream and have the ability to elect candidates who have the potential to be elected statewide,” said political consultant Jeff Randle.

Jeff Randle is the go-to guy for liberal Republicans and causes in the State of California.

“Not only has he put his money where his mouth is, he puts his time and energy into it as well,” said GOP consultant Rob Stutzman. “He’s more than a donor – he’s an activist and he’s had a huge impact because he’s combined his activism with his ability to contribute money to his causes.”

Rob Stutzman used to be a fire-breathing conservative until getting into the Arnold Schwarzenegger operation.
Enough said – now you know the nexus.
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