Mar 142011

Activists are distracted by the WWIII convention coming up with the dueling Prop 14 fixes.

Will the rich liberals be able to impose their will, or will the quixotic activists win?

Who wins the CRP officer elections? Robin Cook or the Squish Arnie Zeiderman. Adam Abrahams or Linda Boyd??? Mike Osborn or Ray Haynes?

What will be the next fight on the Placer Cent Com? (I hear a member is helping Dennis Campanelle file another FPPC complaint against the Cent Com.)

Is John Perez going to unload on Beth Gaines like the rumors told us weeks ago?

It isn’t as exciting as a Lincoln Recall or as captivating as the images from Japan, but if you’re a political nerd… you’ve probably wondered some of the above yourself.

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  One Response to “As the AD-04 Dust Settles…”

  1. I can’t believe your going to miss the fun!! I’ll have to stand in for you as registered trouble maker!! Talk to you soon!! I’ll keep you in the loop via text messages from the convention!

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