Jul 102010

Barbara Boxer and Joe Biden – they hate small businesses.

Sound extreme? Keep reading and then see how easy it is to draw that conclusion.

Boxer Has A Lifetime Rating Of 30 Percent From The U.S. Chamber Of Commerce. (U.S. Chamber Of Commerce Website, www.uschamber.com, Accessed 7/6/10)

Biden Has a Lifetime Rating of 36 Percent From The U.S. Chamber Of Commerce. (U.S. Chamber Of Commerce Website, www.uschamber.com, Accessed 7/6/10)

Now – it takes effort to get below 50% on the US Chamber of Commerce’s rating system as they try to kiss up to everyone.

Boxer And Biden Supported Increased Regulations On Businesses. (S.J.Res. 6, CQ Vote #15: Passed 56-44: R 50-0; D 6-44, 3/6/01, Biden And Boxer Voted Nay)

Boxer And Biden Supported Allowing Union Organizers To Bypass Secret-Ballot Elections. (H.R. 800, CQ Vote #227: Rejected 51-48: R 1-48; D 48-0; I 2-0, 6/26/07, Biden And Boxer Voted Yea)

Joe Biden told the following whopper while warming up to rally support of Incumbent Federal Politician Barbara Boxer:

Biden In June 2010: “The Fact Is The Recovery Act Is Working.” “Vice President Joe Biden said Thursday that the US economic recovery is on track and that the huge stimulus measure enacted last year ‘is working’ despite criticism of the plan. ‘The fact is the Recovery Act is working,’ Biden told a news conference as the administration kicked off a six-week series of events called ‘Recovery Summer,’ to highlight the numerous infrastructure programs funded by the 787-billion-dollar plan.”(“Biden Says Stimulus Working, US Economy On Track,” Agence France Presse, 6/17/10)

Recovery summer – let’s see Barbara Boxer and Joe Biden jump on the backs of small business owners and starts strangling them while saying out loud “We have your best interest at heart!”

… And someone who wants a tax cut is a smartass.

… And a General who calls Barbara Boxer Ma’am gets shredded in a Senate hearing.

I wish Joe Biden would spend some of his personal fortune to buy a place out here so he could campaign full-time for these losers.

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  One Response to “CA-SEN Update: Vice President Smartass Touts the Economic Stimulus While Business is Crushed Under Regulation”

  1. Lee – you think a 28 year politician is any less elitist? Or, does Boxer get a pass because she’s a Democrat?

    That’s a serious question – because Boxer represents the worst in career politicians and that’s before she breated the General the way she did.

    You might want to actually meet Carly yourself, like I did – before passing judgement!!!

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