May 122010

Note to Tom Campbell – you can quote Tom McClintock, but do you have his endorsement?

What major “Republican” endorsements does Thomas the Tax Engine have? He can cite quotes in his ghastly oversized mailer all he wants – but he still wanted to tax the internet, three separate times wanted to raise gas taxes, wants a carbon emissions tax and after getting reamed by blogs – will probably try to tax blogs too.

Carly Fiorina appears to have finally broken through the Establishment wall – Sarah Palin did it again. People rail against Sarah Palin, but real voters seem to love her and real Republicans seem to follow her.

Now, real conservatives like Rick Santorum are jumping on the Carly Fiorina bandwagon as well. The dam is starting to break.

Moderate Assemblymembers Connie Conway, Cameron Smythe and Jim Silva joined Northern California Conservatives Ted Gaines and Dan Logue on the Carly Freight Train.

Then Gentlemen Jim said “Me Too!”

Previously, Conservative Assemblywoman Diane Harkey had endorsed Carly after leaving Chuck DeVore along with Conservative former Assemblymember Sharon Runner.

The team is coming together and the Carly freight train is going to flatten Thomas the Tax Engine.

It’s really simple – does $3.25 a gallon Gas irritate you? Think Tom Campbell.

You like getting taxed for breathing? Tom Campbell thinks it’s a good idea.

… and he’s a Republican (like Arnold).

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  1. So is Fiorina our next establishment candidate? Is that what I’m seeing here? Sarah Palin has jumped the shark ever since her endorsement of John McCain. I would quote the National and California pro-life endorsements if I were you. Another good blogger wrote this:

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