May 272010

That’s right. I am asking the question.

I am a Steve Poizner loyalist – I am voting for Steve Poizner, I have worked side by side with Steve Poizner. I have been pillaried by people paid by Meg Whitman and others with self-righteous personal agendas because of what I did on Steve Poizner’s behalf.

I make no apology for supporting Steve Poizner – look at the bumper sticker on the Mustang and the ad in the top Left corner of this blog.

So I don’t ask this question lightly.

Fact – the three polls I referenced earlier when I asked if Chuck DeVore should suspend all have Poizner down 22-35 points.

Fact – there are a ton of absentee ballots out there still. Many people have theories as to why, I will say that $100 million spent is the reason. People are confused.

Fact – Meg Whitman has led throughout the campaign, she has committed the resources necessary to win. (excessively so, but she has)

Fact – Poizner is a Moderate, Whitman is a Moderate. Naratelli and Ken Miller keep inching up in each successive poll. In this environment people don’t like Liberals that much – but Whitman’s message about Steve Poizner appears to have taken hold.

I have serious reservations about Meg Whitman. I have been outspoken in my criticism of her – for 17 months.

However, I am going to apply the same rule I am asking of the DeVore people to myself as it relates to Meg Whitman.

As a long-time Republican volunteer I have seen a number of campaigns – I am writing as one man. I am done attacking Meg Whitman – I see her as the  favorite to win and any further action only helps Jerry Brown.

Unlike DeVore – Poizner still has a chance to win, but honestly, it is faded.

I posted about DeVore first – knowing that I was going to write this post.

So I ask the question – Should Steve Poizner stand and salute? Or, should he fight to the death even though a 20-point loss looks likely?

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