May 202010

The Information minister is pleased.

PPIC: Carly 25 / Campbell 23 / DeVore 16

He is at 16% in the polls and if you factor in the margin for error (+/- 5%) – he is at 21% and Carly is at 20% meaning that Chuck DeVore is in the lead!

DeVore is spinning hard that he is not a spolier for Fiorina. The unfortunate fact is that perception is reality.

The problem for both Thomas the tax engine and the Information Minister is that Carly is on the air all over the state and they are not.

I got spin from Carly and Chuck’s campaigns – which probably means that Thomas the Tax engine is being de-fibrolated / revived or is in therapy.

As to the Incumbent Assembly Politician (see also Scum-Sucking Thief, but I digress) – the 16% number is consistent with past polls. He may be celebrating going from 8%-16% – but unless the state budgets Chuck DeVore voted for included funding for new math – 16 is still less than 25.

Only Carly showed significant movement. Thomas the Tax Engine has flattened out.

Anything else is fodder for the information minister.

  One Response to “CA-Sen Update: Chuck DeVore: I am right where I want to be! (In 3rd place)”

  1. Haha. What are you smoking man? “Only Carly showed significant movement?” So she went from what 23 to 25 after all of those big endorsements? Chuck doubled without them? There is still time my friend and we will let you onto our boat…so your vote won’t spoil it for Chuck.

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