Apr 162010

Interesting – I heard a Meg Whitman Radio Spot on local conservative talk radio attacking Steve Poizner for supporting Taxpayer-funded abortion.

Funny. Meg is campaigning on that stance, she must think Voters are dumb.

Maybe not so much anymore – she goes after Steve for the usual (Prop 39 and the check to Gore in 2000)  and for raising the Department of Insurance’s Budget 14% in this latest TV Spot.

Problem. Whitman supported Al Gore as well. (And Barbara Boxer)


The department of insurance cut fees 15% two years ago and I got an email this week that the fees are being reduced another 6%. Note – the media gave it almost no coverage – suggesting that they are either supporting Whitman or decided that the Weather was bigger news.

The LA Times Blog covered the new Whitman political ad:

Meg Whitman Trains Fire On Steve Poizner As Gop Primary Battle Intensifies

By AnthonyYork
Los Angeles Times’ PolitiCal Blog
April 16, 2010; 9:23am


Looks like Meg Whitman has decided she has a primary race to run after all.

After weeks of introducing herself to voters and trying as much as possible to engage Democrat Jerry Brown directly, the Whitman campaign has launched a new 30-second ad entirely directed at Steve Poizner.

Poizner, the Republican state insurance commissioner, trails Whitman by wide margins in public opinion polls. But he has millions of dollars to spend on the race, and his recent ads have gone after Whitman, accusing her of being nothing more than a continuation of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Whitman’s new ad calls Poizner “desperate, dishonest, and way more liberal that he says he is.”

Interesting. Arnold in a Skirt calling someone liberal – I can’t drink enough to comprehend that one…

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  1. It seems to me this is a case of the pot calling the kettle, black. Neither one of them is the true conservative that we need as Governor. The best choice is Larry Naritelli:

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