Apr 092010

Steve Poizner finally did what we’ve all waited for… he lit Meg Whitman up like a Christmas tree.

$59 million down the drain. Purchased endorsements, torched. Endorsement flippers – humiliated. Meg Whitman has now been welcomed in to the wonderful world of politics.

I have told you for 16 months that she is Arnold in a Skirt.

Sacramento will eat meg Whitman alive. Whether you have a pretty face and celebrity or a Goldman-Sachs wad in your purse… it consumes all but the most principled operators.

Is Whitman Arnold?

1. Meg Whitman is surrounded by Schwarzenegger’s  advisory team. Richard Costigan just wrote Megs policy magazine for her.  It includes people like Rob Stutzman, Sara Pompei, Todd Cranney and my buddy Mitch Zak.

They and her most senior political advisor, Schwarzenegger’s mastermind of the 2005 special election train-wreck, Mike Murphy, all produce and direct Meg on a daily basis.

2. Meg Whitman’s chief of staff, most senior and private confidant, Henry Gomez, is a registered democrat former DNC staffer, who wrote a maximum contribution to Barack Obama while sitting on Meg’s private jet, with John McCain sitting 5 feet away. Schwarzenegger has Susan Kennedy, Meg has Henry Gomez.

3. My Primary Concern is that Whitman is as much of a rookie as Arnold is. Perhaps even more so – Arnold voted. Whitman did not. When Whitman did involve herself in the process – Boxer, Gore et al.

There is a reason why Meg Whitman went negative on someone she led by 50 points in the polls – her handlers knew her support was shallow and that they had to “package the product” so to speak. (see also lipstick)

The Poizner Ad is the first real daylight voters get in to who Whitman really is.

She Supports Amnesty – like Obama
She Supports Obamacare
She Supported Barbara Boxer, endorsing her publicly and maxing out to her – like Obama
She Supports Taxpayer Funded Abortion – Like Obama
She Supported the Federal Bank Bailouts – Like Obama

And for the first time – Arnold becomes the issue in a campaign.

Since it was always all about Arnold at the expense of everyone and everything – how fitting it is that he is an albatross that is hung around the bank vault.

She has refused to be clear on the AB32 repeal, the Citizen Power Initiative or anything else that really matters to mainstream voters – even saying in public that the initiative process has outlived its’ usefulness.

The initiative process is the only hope we have to save the state from AB32 – Arnold’s self-serving legacy. While Arnold has gone all over the world as some sort of global warming hero – thousands of illegal aliens Arnold and Whitman want to spend tax dollars on have left for the greener pastures of Mexico because there is no water.

And it goes on and on and on. California needs a Republican. We haven’t had one since George Deukmejian. Only Steve Poizner represents that opportunity now.

How will Whitman respond?

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