Mar 032010

There has been some consternation over the local CRA endorsement process… I blogged here about it being a LaMalfa staff Reunion.

Colonel Pete Stiglich blogged about it as well.

The state CRA endorsement is coveted by Republican Politicians because of what Ronald Reagan said all those years ago about the CRA being the conscience of the Republican Party.

What has happened in recent years with the advent of the internet is that grassroots organizations have declined – and with the emergence of the TEA Party, most of whom are angry at both parties (can you blame them?)… the CRA sits at about 6,000 members.

This has opened the door to Consultants and others being able to have direct influence on the outcome of endorsements. At the State CRA convention – there are too many people present for some of the local shenanigans to have the same direct impact.

This weekend – the State CRA is hosting its’ 75th Anniversary Convention in Southern California. In fact, several of the endorsements outcomes are not know at this time (quite different than local endorsing conventions).

At that convention the real drama will be the endorsement for Governor, U.S. Senate and BOE District 2.

Board of Equalization District 2 pits Conservative North State former Assemblywoman Barbara Alby against Assemblyman Alam Nakanishi and Conservative State Senator George Runner.

George Runner has the advantage as he has been out campaigning for a year – using a vote safe now initiative campaign to get his name out.

Alby has been a deputy of Bill Leonard for several years since leaving the Assembly in the late 1990’s.

Alan Nakanishi? Looks like he got a job recently for a ballot designation.

Prediction – George Runner is the prohibitive favorite to get endorsed by the state CRA.

US Senate –

Everyone expects Tea Party favorite Chuck DeVore to get the CRA nod. DeVore is an iconic Conservative Assemblyman from Orange County. DeVore, similar to Tom McClintock is reputed for rubbing people the wrong way – and in politics, people hold grudges for a long time.

DeVore’s endorsement by the CRA, not so fast. Carly Fiorina has the Demon Sheep, lots of Money and she has said publicly that she is pro-life. Making such a statement apparently alienated enough of the liberal Republican establishment that they brought Tom Campbell in to the U.S. Senate Race. (to help Whitman and to get attempt to get a liberal in to the race for U.S. Senate)

Tom Campbell? won’t get a vote.

Prediction – I think Carly will have enough votes to Block a CRA Endorsement of DeVore. I don’t see anyone getting endorsed.


Meg Whitman is a liberal, end of story. The question is, will she have enough delegates that think Steve Poizner is a liberal too and therefore vote to tell the CRA not to endorse anyone?

That is Meg Whitman’s only chance…

Retired Conservative Icon Dick Mountjoy sent a letter blasting Meg Whitman over her opposition to Prop 187 and touting Steve’s stance on Immigration.

Former State CRA President Mike Spence sent a letter blasting Meg Whitman for her extremist views on abortion (supporting taxpayer funding for it) and touting Steve Poizner’s opposition to late term and taxpayer funded abortions.

I predict that Steve Poizner will get endorsed by the CRA.

P.S. I will give Whitman credit for one thing – she actually came to the CRA and is coming again. That’s two more times than Arnold did.

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