Mar 102010

The “Block” – a tactic where a candidate who knows they have no chance of winning tries to run a drill to rally enough support to deny the 2/3 necessary to their opponent.

It is simple to understand why Carly Fiorina failed to Block Chuck DeVore… Chuck DeVore was able to smear a Liberal label on Fiorina. The CRA does not know Carly, but the CRA basically made Chuck DeVore. At that, Chuck DeVore only prevailed by 3 votes.

But the story not being told is why did the CRA only endorse Chuck by three votes? Why was it so close that I was the villian according to the DeVore camp until the result was known? DeVore should have walked away with it by a mile.

I’d hazard a guess that DeVore’s winning personality had a lot to do with it – a lot of hard-core conservatives don’t like the guy… more on that later.

Arrognace? DeVore’s presense was limited over the weekend… perhaps, he had planned as if it was a done deal?

And then there was Carly – she took an Ice-Cold audience and delivered one of the best speeches at the CRA Convention… and she meant it. It was firey and completely devoid of the Huburis that is typical of a Chuck DeVore presentation.

However, with the Whitman V Poizner situation – it was not so clear.

Yes – Steve had indeed made friends with the CRA, attending 8 straight conventions… but Whitman’s millions started reminding people about Steve Poizner’s checks etc etc etc ad naseum.

However, Meg Whitman had no USP. A unique selling proposition – rather, she had a unique BUYING proposition… as in all the staff she brought with her. You don’t often see big money at a CRA convention.

When Mitt Romney engineered a CRA Endorsement, their campaign did so economically compared to Whitman’s. Grassroots clubs usually eschew Retail Politics – especially the CRA.

Second, Whitman spoke from a script. Steve Poizner spoke from the heart.

Whitman spent 50% of her speaking time attacking Poizner. Her staff came loaded for bear – the strategy was obvious to everyone… Damage Steve Poizner.

However, like Arnold before her – she has gotten away with platitudes and generalities and little specificity.

Steve Poizner, on the other hand, had details and specifics.

It didn’t stop there – Steve was available for some delegates to talk to in the hallways. Whitman apparently left after the Luncheon and then looped back to the hotel and took private meetings only until about 9pm.

Contrast, Contrast, Contrast.

… and we all woke up to a mess under our hotel room doors. The only piece that was any good was a flyer hitting Chuck DeVore for supporting the confirmation of Abel Maldonado.

Whitman’s? Some vague plan to do something and two more pages detailing what a dirtbag Steve Poizner is… please, spare us.

The Moral of the CRA Convention? Carly came out of nowhere and almost blocked a CRA endorsement of DeVore – she should have been torched.

Whitman failed to Block an endorsement of Poizner because…

Whitman, just tell us what you’re going to do and be specific, or the voters will tell you where to go.

Simple. Advantage Fiorina and Poizner.

  5 Responses to “The Real CRA Story: DeVore Narrow Win – Whitman Fails to buy a block”

  1. Ha! This is about the funniest thing I’ve ready all week.

    While I was not there at the CRA I spoke to numerous sources who told me:

    * Carly spent hours with the CRA members on Saturday working the crowd very deftly. Anyone who wanted to meet her got to.

    * Carly had numerous paid operatives and booster clubs at the event passing out stickers, pins, flyers, and other swag.

    * Some Carly operatives wore walkie-talkies shouting commands to one another ala Secret Service

    * For the first time in recent CRA memory a secret ballot was forced – usually these things are done by stand up vote

    * The vote was delayed some 6 hours for some odd reason. No reasons were given. We can only surmise that Carly people wanted to delay and delay until DeVore supporters might be forced to leave (they didn’t)

    * Carly’s nominating speakers were sub-par. One of them kept calling her “Carly Simon” by mistake.

    * Carly operative handed out Carly-branded pens to fill out the ballot. Tacky. And some CRA members indicated it might have clinched it for Chuck.

    Plus the fact that Carly: supported the bailout, supported Internet taxation, supported federal takeover of education, supported some form of Cap & Trade…. Chuck didn’t have to do much to label her a liberal.

    Also, note… there were no flyers attacking Carly under your door.

    To sum up… Carly spent thousands (perhaps tens of thousands) on this event and still couldn’t produce a block. That’s the real story.

  2. Chuck Devore won by 3 votes. What planet are you on man. He had 169 votes to her 89. What a bold face liar. Why would anyone read anything you had to say.

  3. Hey – thanks Team DeVore for the insults!

    Good to see a mature campaign – but there are still three months left!

  4. Devore Math – 169-89 means that there would not have been the 2/3.

    Since I was there counting ballots – 194-89 was the score. 191-92 aka three votes changing would have not been the 2/3 necessary.

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