Feb 282010

You’d think with $50 million spent that Whitman would be getting ready for her coronation. Drop another $50 Million to make herself look like the second coming of Mother Theresa and poof! It’s over.

So, it should surprise veteran political observers that Meg Whitman unloaded a can of negative wup— against Steve Poizner.

This makes me wonder – did the Howard Jarvis endorsement backfire? People have told me that Jarvis has been getting pounded with phone calls.

Does Meg Whitman have polling data showing her starting to slide? Why else would someone with a seemingly insurmountable lead over Steve Poizner have to start in on him?

Or perhaps Whitman does indeed know her weaknesses in a Republican Primary and needs to shout them out.

While the Republican establishment types were quick to jump all over Steve Poizner for outing the Whitman-Bully-Tactic emails… that press conference was followed by:

1. Claiming that Steve Poizner was a mental case and therefore unfit to hold office.

2. The famous Free Yourself from the Chains of Steve Poizner and drink the unity Kool-Aid now letter. (aka please don’t file Steve!)

3. I guess now they are counting on seeing the reputed “glass jaw” of Steve Poizner crumble under a consultant’s orgy of negative ads?

Remember, these are a lot of the same folks who got their butts kicked in 2005 as Team Arnold is almost the same as Team Meg.

If they were trying to get Poizner to withdraw his $15million and not file – they pretty much guaranteed that he will file.


I’m just a blogger – not a consultant, remember? What the heck do I know???

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