Feb 222010

I am not suprised by this, but still upset.

I called in to the Eric Hogue show today when he was talking about the impact of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayer’s Association.

I thank Jon Coupal for coming on the air and confirming that no money changed hands before the endorsement. The inference I am seeing around the blogospehere is that I am not the only one that had the Whitman-Bought-It-Endorsement.

Check out the comments on the FlashReport.

My issue – Jarvis is endorsing Arnold all over again. They are judging Meg Whitman on her intentions and Steve Poizner on past actions. BTW – when Steve Poizner ran as a liberal Republican in 2004… Whitman was a DTS voter who skipped that primary, and endorsed Barbara Boxer in writing in that General election! (Whitman also skipped the 2003 recall election as well.

Steve Poizner was first out of the gate with a plan to cut spending and cut taxes. Not Whitman.

Whitman finally agreed to two debates – but only after the HJTA endorsement was made public. However, she continues to script public appearances.

I will support Whitman if she is the nominee – but it looks like starvation rations for Conservatives again.

We’ve been down the Arnold road before and it looks as if the HJTA is leading us there again…

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