Aug 242012

Everyone in insider politics knows that Dave Gilliard has two-three indian tribe outfits that he can go to to get IE money on behalf of candidates. Dave Gilliard is the campaign manager of Beth Gaines.

Every insider knows that Dave Gilliard has a glass jaw and the slightest criticism causes him to go off the deep end – which is why he teamed up with people he is not aligned with to try and get even with the Placer GOP for refusing to support Beth Gaines.

Recently, Andy Pugno sent out an email lambasting Dave Gilliard for outright lying in the June primary. It also went in to detail about how Beth Gaines relied on the votes of 12,000 non-Republicans to make it in to the November Runoff.

Gilliard must be desperate. After months of showing little or no life – Beth Gaines got $4k in Pac Money yesterday and on cue, an Indian Tribe dropped $20k on attack ads on KFBK. It is the Pashkenta Band – a tribe familiar to Gilliard that has invested in several of his clients over the years. How the FPPC never burns Gilliard on this is beyond me.

I am sitting here at my desk looking at an endorsement card for Beth Gaines for Assembly that I asked Beth’s Field Director, Jeff Short to send me. Despite the fact that the Gaines and Gilliard tried to gut the Central Committee in retaliation for our support of Pugno, I was prepared to endorse in the interest of peace.

Never, ever underestimate the stupidity of Ego.

Now, I am throwing the endorsement card in the trash – because drawing first blood like this is stupid and desperate. Andy Pugno has not even declared his intention to run or not yet – but the behavior of Gilliard and Connie Conway has been absurd. It does not matter whether Andy runs or not – any part of me that could support the Gaines was just killed.

There has been a ton of chest-beating stupidity in the AD-06 race and we don’t even have a race yet!

If Andy Runs – it is Dave Gilliard and Connie Conway’s fault… this thing was basically over until they got involved again and again. Just wow.

Andy Pugno’s New Ad – a Home Run

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Oct 222010

Dr. Richard Pan is an empty shirt. He still can’t finish a sentence and he has had his pimps um, friends in the labor unions shilling for him to the tune of $3 million.

Andy Pugno’s ad is really simple. It is what Jack Sieglock should have done in AD-10. Pugno will win, Sieglock will lose for one simple reason.

Pugno says “I will cut taxes, I will cut spending”. Sieglock allowed Allison Huber to define herself and failed to remind people what Democrats do in California.

They raise your taxes.

Take a look at Andy’s New Ad.

This will have an impact as it flies right in the face of all the extremist Labor Union attack ads.

Andy Pugno attacked by Abortion Dr. Richard Pan for being (GASP!) Pro-Life!

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Oct 032010

Standard attack pattern of the left- get a bunch of women to say what a evil meanie the Republican is for being Pro-Life.

The ad of course is replete with the hyperbolae that you’ve come to expect from the “Women’s rights” groups. (Who, incidently have nothing to say about the mutilations, beatings, hangings, etc of women in the middle east)

The fact that Pan uses an 8-month Pregnant woman to make one of his points – suggests that he thinks she have a late-term abortion? At best he using her as a prop at worst he is advocating partial-birth abortion.

They want you to pay no attention to the fact that Pan:

1. Can’t Finish a sentence when he speaks in public.
2. Is bought by the Labor Unions

Which means he will: Raise your taxes even more, give away the store to the Unions, take away more of your freedoms, etc etc etc.

But Pugno is a bastard for Being Pro-Life. The horror.

Here is Richard Pan’s ad – (which I am sure Richie Ross or the Cuban Embassy made for him…)

Sep 092010

Sierra College Trustee Candidate Howard Rudd has been using his connections developed over years in business and years of goodwill created to gain critical mass.

This blogger has been contacted by two local elected officials who have endorsed Howard Rudd.

Rudd was at the Rocklin Chamber of Commerce Breakfast and was well received. Rudd told this blogger that the response to his candidacy has been “excellent”. He went on to indicate that he has operations going in Nevada County – an area often overlooked by Sierra College Board candidates.

Rocklin City Council Race Update –

Diana Ruslin’s “Mom’s Army” have been out in force. She is the only candidate who has visited my home. According to Ruslin, her people have been walking the “high-propensity” areas of Rocklin for two weeks.

Ruslin and Janda were also in attendance at this morning’s meeting of the Rocklin Chamber of Commerce.

Greg Janda is looking like a confident candidate with his talking points down cold. He is speaking with authority.

Janda and Ruslin offer contrasts in their presentation. It remains to be seen if the Community servant / Mom (Ruslin) or the confident businessman (Janda) will sell better.

Heck, they could both win and that would leave Mayor Scott Yuill out after one term.

(and don’t forget Mark Klang is on the ballot too)

Roseville City Council Candidate Sam Cannon is ramping up his campaign. to the surprise of many – being trapped in the capitol for this years’ legislative shenanigans has not cost Sam Cannon much. So much for the concerns over Cannon being “MIA”.

The general feeling on the street is that the race is between Sam Cannon and Tim Herman for seat number two. (Everyone believes that Susan Rohan will be elected mayor in a runaway)

This means that the fireworks could fly between the Cannon and Herman camp.

What about David Larson? He flunked his Dale Carnegie courses and his attempts to downplay his marriage to Brad have backfired. His Marriage is a hot topic of discussion in Sun City. The Dem Central Committee has endorsed him – but are doing precious little to help him.

Here are the issues – Tim Herman will point out his superior resume and Sam Cannon will point out that Tim Herman is a Liberal. ’nuff said.

Roseville Joint Union High School District Race – Both Linda M Park and Scott Huber have racked up impressive endorsement lists. Both will begin their campaign operations this weekend with volunteers walking precincts.

Expect to see lawn signs popping up all over the place.

Linda scored a major coup when her long time friend – Gina Garbolino endorsed her. On the heels of DA Scott Owens and Assessor Kristen Spears… Assemblymembers Ted Gaines and Dan Logue give Linda credibility and diversity in her support base.

The SD-01 Race is abuzz in this area. Everyone in insider circles is talking about it. Most in Placer are supporting Ted Gaines.

AD-05 Update: The SEIU just spent $75K on an IE to prop up Richard Pan. If you see Richard Pan in person, you’ll understand why the SEIU likes him… he can’t finish a sentence.

Aug 102010

Tulchin Research says Peter er. Richard Pan is within 4 points of Andy Pugno!

Whoops, they left out a candidate – someone who is Female and will likely pull 10% of the vote.

But, like most liberals – Tulchin Research must think facts are annoying as heck. I mean, with the valliant warrior for Russian values, Vaughn Walker just delivering Andy Pugno the beat down from his bench… you’d think Pugno would be under the wheels by now…

Also note that Tulchin fails to mention the distribution of the 400 voters they surveyed and what Positive and Negative information they used to get alternative results.

Ladies and gentlemen – this is called a push poll. In RightonDaily terms, this is called KOOL-AID.

Try again Tulchin and poll real people for a change – oh and don’t forget the “other” candidates, prop 14 is not in effect yet.


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