Lincoln Recall?

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Jun 282011

That’s it. That’s the title.

Lincoln is a mess, a huge mess. People are angry. Gabriel Hydrick won a seat on the Lincoln City Council by over 1,000 votes (his total was in the 4,500 range) and liberal Democrat Linda Stackpoole got ousted along with self-described “Moderate” Kent Nakata.

Enter Bob Birdseye. Birdseye and a group of activists have the three incumbents, Tom Cosgrove, Spencer Short and Paul Joiner in their sights. They have launched a Recall Lincoln website and have gotten some ink in the local papers.

The Irony is that when I search Lincoln Recall – I get a bunch of page one links to lawyers and stories about recalled Lincoln Automobiles.

I am wary of some of the players involved in the recall effort – but suffice to say, Spencer Short deserves to be held accountable for his failure to lead. I have talked to Spencer a few times – and I have come to the conclusion that he represents the Republican Party poorly.

Republicans don’t blindly take the recommendations of staff. Republicans don’t float the largest tax increase in Placer County History as a solution to the city’s problems.

I was appalled this weekend when I spoke to someone who attended the state of the City (of Lincoln) address and they learned that that Lincoln will be out of cash in about six months.

Spencer Short had time to prepare the City. Epic Fail.

I can not lump first-term Council-member Paul Joiner in to that category, therefore I can not endorse his recall as it is unfair to hang someone in their first term for the fiscal mismanagement that took a decade or more to unfold.

I am undecided regarding Tom Cosgrove at this time.

There is a specific reason for recalling Spencer Short if you are a Republican.

He also sits on the Placer County Republican Central Committee and instead of trying to save Lincoln from disaster – he is participating in the jihad of the enraged whose goal it is to paralyze the Placer GOP until they can satisfy their desire for revenge. (speaking of divisive)

Short also refused to endorse Tom McClintock after he won the congressional primary. (speaking of divisive)

Short’s 2010 solution to Lincoln’s problems? Put the largest tax increase in any part of Placer County’s History on the ballot.

That’s as Republican as Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Today’s solution? – cut Police and Fire Protection ostensibly to teach the citizens a lesson for not voting to tax themsevles.

We see this crap every May-July from the Democrats in Sacramento.

Roseville and Rocklin have been out ahead of their budget problems and have been able to preserve their services – so Lincoln had examples to follow and did not.

Yes – Bob Birdseye. I agree with you, for some of the same and for some different reasons, recall Spencer Short.