Aug 142017

Those that read this blog regularly (and there are more of you than will admit it…) know that I have been focused a lot on the #CAPANDTRAITORS and nailing some or all of them to the wall. In the midst of it, I was treated to a real-time meltdown of the State of Jefferson. 

I received an email out of the blue one day that I thought was odd. It indicated that Larry and Carla Virga of Sutter Buttes Tea Party Fame were “retiring”.

The Sutter Buttes Tea Party would like to share the news of the retirement of our matriarch and patriarch. After 7 years of dedicated, passionate and unrelenting service to the Sutter Buttes Tea Party Patriots, co-founders Larry and Carla Virga are stepping down. We are sad to see them leave their place of leadership in our group but hope they will continue to be a blessing to the SBTPP and will stay involved sharing their valuable wisdom and insights with us. We are thankful for the years of selfless service and sacrifice they have devoted to the Sutter Buttes Tea Party and we bless them in their future endeavors.

Then I received the following the next day:

Contrary to the 8/5/17 email (shown below) from Sutter Buttes Tea Party Chairman Bill Beeler, Larry and Carla Virga did NOT “retire” from the Sutter Buttes Tea Party (SBTP). We resigned, effective August 3, 2017, the day after the last Wednesday night Executive Committee meeting where Paul Preston (a long-time member and friend who was not present) was excoriated and banned from participating in our regular twice-a-month Monday meetings. Given the years we have dedicated to SBTP, the vitriol from our “friends” and the guilt-by-association anger directed at us was disrespectful and intolerable. The team we built since we co-founded SBTP seven years ago is being led in a direction we will not go.
Through SBTP, we have met many wonderful people; helped raise awareness and brought information to the Sutter-Yuba area of issues not reported by the media; provided a public forum for political candidates, elected representatives, and other notable guest speakers; and testified before our city councils, county supervisors, and state legislators seeking actions in the best interests of the people.
Alexander Graham Bell said, “When one door closes another door opens; but we so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which open for us.” We look forward to what is beyond the next door.

I received two phone calls after the original post. The content has been updated. I was informed that there was a board vote of the Tea Party to disinvite Paul Preston from speaking, but he was not expelled.

So, arguments and splits in the Tea Party are not uncommon. Ken Campbell had a very public and nasty split from Mark Meckler and Ginni Rappini for example, and there are others that think Jenny Beth Martin, who went from a welfare mom to making $300k a year off the Tea Party is a charlatan and a fraud.

I started looking for some answers and I happened upon this video of the aforementioned Beeler in the office of Assemblymember James Gallagher filming video in the State Capitol. I was informed by Bill Beeler himself that Gallagher and Staff knew they were being filmed. Then they went the office of Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher, and the recording device was in Mr. Beeler’s Hand. Bill was filming. Bowen and Beeler are the current facilitators of the Sutter Buttes Tea Party. According to Beeler, they visited every second floor office, most did not care about being filmed.

Then, Terry and Sally Raposa got in to the act, this time un-hidden. Raposa is alleged to have decimated the Shasta/Redding Tea Party as well as causing division within the State of Jefferson movement. If you take the time to watch this video through you will see the ineffective tactics being employed by the people – including an invasion of Senator Jim Nielsen’s Office. (Update – there will be follow up to this later)

The link to the “sting” on Jim Nielsen’s office will reveal that they filmed without the consent of the Staff (a possible felony) and you will see a youtube account filled with videos. I attempted to watch some of the videos and was unable to sit through more than 90 seconds and was cuing the first video I found to the section where they were harassing Jim Nielsen’s staff.

These actions prove why the State Legislature is not taking the State of Jefferson seriously. Worse, did Beeler, Bowen and the Raposas commit felonies in the course of trying to promote the State of Jefferson?

Back to the Virgas, I certainly identify with their plight. As I wrote on this blog, My Brother and I were tossed out of the CRA by a lynch mob of maladjusted folks who were convinced of how right they were. The CRA has been in a free-fall since. I fear the same for the Sutter Buttes Tea Party.

Often times people resent leadership and since politics seems to bring out extreme people, it alternates between Lord of the Flies and Game of Thrones in terms of people’s behavior. Regardless of how much the aforementioned would be photojournalists think they are right and are on a mission from God, the other 99% of the world looks at this behavior and wants to go the opposite direction as far away from it as possible.

And away goes the State of Jefferson with them.


Feb 282017

Blogger’s Note: Many in the SOJ movement were virulently opposed to the Charter of the California Impact Republicans, a Conservative Grassroots Group. The CIR was indeed Chartered by the CAGOP despite their efforts. As the issues with the State of CA are greater than the short-sightedness and petty personal disputes, the SOJ is a separate issue.

I am not endorsing a particular SOJ group, but the concept and the need to free the North State from the psychotic maniacs that infest the majority party in California. Being a democrat is one thing, being a wanna-be despot is still another.

Having been active in the CAGOP for 20 years, I have seen the institutional failure when moderate and conservative Republican have been in charge. With one-party rule in CA (and yes, I am including Arnold in the ranks of democrats), the only hope for the Sparsely-Populated North State of CA is to succeed.

I wish those organizing the SOJ effort were more organized and had better political skills as they seem to have alienated many of the very county supervisors they will need to adopt resolutions in favor of SOJ.

I have also listened to the financial objections, vis-a-vis what would SOJ do with its’ pro-rated part of the massive wall of debt of the State of CA, etc? I don’t care. This may sound absurd to my friends in Local Government, but I have seen enough that the best solution is a torch, gasoline (even better kerosene), high winds, and a state holiday for firefighters.

The Lake Oroville Situation has given me incredible clarity about this. The State of California only cares about one thing, raising the next generation of progressive moonbats. This means institutionalized election fraud, welfare giveaways, fascist bureaucracies that terrorize constituents, equally as fascist social engineering and of course tax, tax, tax and tax again to pay for it all.

Screw them all. Burn it down. When these jerks disregard legitimate safety warnings and willfully allow bogus environmental lawsuits to stymie maintenance and construction of infrastructure, you know that the tin-horn generalissimos in Sacramento are punishing the North State for not drinking the organic free-range kool-aid of the Bay Area. From where I am sitting they could care less if Marysville is under 30 feet of water, and even worse, the extremists amongst them are using the crisis to call for dam removal everywhere.

Four dams are being removed on the swollen Klamath River because the enivros sued repeatedly to prevent the utility from being able to modernize the dams. It became easier to cut bait.

Regardless of the cover story, the fish were removed from the hatchery in Oroville three days before the incompetent fools in the DWR admitted the truth about the dam.

No more. People’s lives are now being put at risk because of Sacramento. And they don’t care. If they did, they’d have done what they did to prioritize Jerry Brown’s narcissistic legacy train. Notice how the enviro lawsuits went nowhere against the bullet-train?

It is time. Screw California. It is time to declare our independence from the psychotic tyranny of a class of elites that are more suited to wearing a fraudulent military uniforms with medals hanging off of them. Even if the SOJ is flawed, it is still far better than anything coming out of the cesspool in Sacramento.

May 082016

IMG_3771You read the headline correctly.

I have written extensively about Ken Campbell’s 13 year old grudge against Kirk Uhler. I have also written about Dennis Revell’s issues with Kirk Uhler over a development (a park) that occurred near his large residence in an exclusive gated Granite Bay neighborhood.

It has become clear that Campbell has indeed rendered some assistance to Victor Bekhet, the crazed bay area democrat turned Placer NPP opponent of Kirk Uhler’s. Recently, I came across a photo of Mr. Campbell with Placer Tea Party Leader, Debra Jackson hanging out at the last convention.

So, they are friends, no big deal, right? I could care less who is friends with whom.

Where it becomes problematic is that in private conversations with Ms. Jackson – I asked her to contact Mr. Uhler to get his side of the story. She never did. Worse – she donated to Victor Bekhet.

Now – the picture matters. The Placer GOP Central Committee has been going berserk over three things – 1. a Proposed School Bond Measure. 2. a Proposed 1/2 cent transportation tax and 3. Kirk Uhler – based mostly on the half-baked hyperbole of the neurotic Campbell.

IMG_3773It does not stop there, please see this screenshot of the $100 check that Jackson wrote to Victor Bekhet a democrat turned NPP running for Placer GOP supervisor against Mr. Uhler. Jackson’s donation is right next to Kris Johnson’s, who was a democrat opponent of Tom McClintock’s.

Also, I have been told by two different sources that Placer GOP Chairman Dennis Revell deliberately stymied the endorsement of the Placer GOP for Kirk Uhler. Revell said he was doing so at the behest of Congressman Tom McClintock. If true, this would be a departure from the Congressman’s normally hands-off policy related to Central Committee politics. If not true, then Mr. Revell just threw Tom McClintock under the bus for his own bad behavior.

Now – where does the State of Jefferson come in? You will recall that Ken Campbell and others attempted to attack Kirk Uhler over the 1/2 cent sales tax measure – that resulted in the auburn based tea party issuing a public apology. It appears, however, that the Central Committee Members / Tea Partiers did not learn from the first lie, but worse, doubled down on the lie and have never let go of it.

Kirk Uhler, Jim Holmes and Jennifer Montgomery are all incumbent supervisors. You need three supervisors to vote Yes to move the State of Jefferson forward in Placer County.

Debra Jackson and Dennis Revell/Tom McClintock are actively engaged in trying to unseat Uhler. There goes that vote.

The Cent Com recruited Bob Grigas to run against Jim Holmes. There goes that vote.

The Cent Com recruited Michael Babich to run against Jennifer Montgomery (who, ironically, Ken Campbell was praising at a prior meeting). There goes that vote.

They might as well tell Robert Weygant to go to hell while they are at it to make sure they get zero votes. (as Left-Wing Trial Lawyer Democrat Jack Duran would never support SOJ, ever… )

This is all unnecessary and disappointing. And the State of Jefferson is dead – all because of Ken Campbell’s vendetta and others buying in to it. It is not Uhler’s fault, Jim Holmes’ fault or Jennifer Montgomery’s fault. You don’t attack people you are trying to get to help you, especially not your formerly number one advocate of SOJ in Placer, Kirk Uhler.