South Placer Consolidated Fire District: Pensions More Important Than Service

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Oct 312011

If you live in Granite Bay and parts of unincorporated Loomis Zip Code – this message is for you.

You have probably received your “survey” complete with a request to tax yourself $60, $85, $110 a year to “keep your fire service in-tact”.

They are intenting to float a ballot measure to raise more money so they don’t have to cut pay, pensions and benefits.

Why do I write this? If you read the stuff that came in the mail – there is no mention whatsoever of the impact of bloated union pay, benefits or pensions on the budget of the fire district. Just a bunch of scare tactics about how they are going to have to idle a fire truck and close a station unless you pay up.

… and the Mailer was financed with your tax dollars! How? You pay these Unionized firefighters who have money pilfered out of their paychecks in to the hands of the union bosses (who support Jerry Brown, Colonel Klink, Richard Pan, (insert name of left-wing communist candidate here) over budget-minded fiscal conservatives).

Now, the union bosses are desperate to keep the union dues flowing and to keep their members overpaid and overbenefitted.

The “rest of us” have to share in the cost of our health insurance, but they don’t.

The “rest of us” have to use 401(k)’s and other like kinds of investment vehicles to save – but “they” get tens of thousands of additional tax dollars pumped in to mismanaged pensions whose returns are atricious, when coupled with the ridiculous benefit levels that the unions paid of the state legislature to mandate are a recipie to use as a hammer to scare and screw the public in to feeding their greed.

The above statements may sound strong – but when someone can walk off the job at age 50 with 80-90% of their HIGHEST level of income and have that benefit mandated for life + Health Insurance, Dental Insurance 100% paid for for life, etc etc etc… now you understand why over 50-70% of the budgets of some local governments are getting sucked in to the pay vortex and not service.

As demonstrated by their past actions – the public employee unions tell us all to go to hell and when we complain they strike and threaten us.

If you get their survey in the mail – please tell them to cut pay and benefits and stop threatening you… then vote the minrods out of office that are considering floating this Parcel Tax. Maybe that will cause them to put their Kool-Aid jug down…

Have a look at the Survey they sent out here: LINK, LINK. Please note that I omitted page three to protect the identity of my source.