El Dorado Confidential: Clair(e) McNeal Laid Another Egg

 Claire McNeal, Rodney Stanhope  Comments Off on El Dorado Confidential: Clair(e) McNeal Laid Another Egg
Aug 282014

So, she is paying Rodney Stanhope an alleged $3500 a month. We call this enabling in meetings.

So, it stands to reason that McNeal’s campaign would be patterned after the narcissism that has been the pattern of Mr. Stanhope since I have known him.

In particular, trying to capitalize on local events for attention. I had reported previously that Rodney had attempted to “help” with the Sand Fire before being expelled… ahem asked to leave by the local Red Cross people. People in El Dorado County have seen this before from Stanhope in different events.

So – it comes as no surprise that Claie(e) McNeal would send out a campaign mailer attempting to capitalize on the Sand Fire. She had set up a fundraiser for her campaign the Fire Victims on August 22nd.

The mailer arrived on August 27th. #EPICFAIL

Now – allow your blogger who has been known to be a political consultant at times to point out a few things other than the obvious stupidity.

1. the event was to feature live music – suggesting that Mr. Stanhope was going to DJ and solicit for new clients

2. it attempts to imply the endorsements of local community leaders for Clair(e) McNeal.

One thing I have learned about political campaigns – you never mix business with campaigns and you never try to imply endorsements you don’t have. Fortunately for Clair(e), people are probably laughing their tails off over an advertisement arriving five days after an event, and probably have not looked at the mailer beyond the date of 8/22.

This disaster is also consistent with stories I have heard about collateral material orders that people have placed with the same individual that McNeal has hired that have arrived sometimes two weeks later than they were supposed to and what did arrive was a fraction of what was ordered.

As a bonus – the mail house that was used indicated a Glendale Postmark. This guarantees an extra 2-3 days on delivery.

#facepalm. #epicfail