Apr 242020

The Sacramento Bee covered a lawsuit filed by Harmeet Dhillon and the Center for American Liberty against Gavin Newsom over giving out welfare checks to illegal aliens.

“We are a nation of laws and California perhaps its own ‘nation-state’ of laws as Governor Newsom might say, but regardless of Governor Newsom’s noble intentions, he may not grant unemployment benefits or other cash benefits contrary to the law,” the petition reads in part.

Dhillon in a statement said that state money intended to address the coronavirus emergency is not “a slush fund for the governor to spend as he sees fit.”

“Governor Newsom is ignoring the proper, and constitutional, channel to appropriate funds. At a time when law-abiding Californians are crushed by unemployment, housing issues, business closures, and massive limitations on our normal lives, Governor Newsom is doing an end-run around the legal guardrails in place,” Dhillon said.

The two plaintiffs in the case are Republican Nominees for Assembly. Ricardo Benitez for Assembly has a Facebook Page you can visit to show support. Jessica Martinez for Assembly has a website and you can donate to her campaign using this page. My research has indicated that not a single incumbent Republican legislator would sign on to this lawsuit, but these two brave LEGAL immigrant Republican candidates did. (More of that re-framing the message?) Given what happened in the AD73 Race, I can not say I am surprised by this at all.

The Center for American Liberty was founded by Harmeet Dhillon in order to defend the rule of law and the rights of Conservatives being victimized in leftist jurisdictions that allow ANTIFA and other groups to commit crime unabated.

On April 13, 2020, Dhillon Law Group, in conjunction with the Center for American Liberty, filed a First Amendment lawsuit in Federal Court challenging the Governor’s criminalization of the free exercise of religion. The following day, a preliminary injunction seeking immediate relief for our clients was also filed. Dhillon Law Group represents two pastors in Riverside County, one pastor in San Bernardino County, and one church member in San Bernardino County.

“The restrictions placed upon our clients are completely discriminatory and arbitrary,” said Harmeet Dhillon, Chief Executive Officer for the Center for American Liberty. “The Constitution doesn’t allow for state officials to treat churches, mosques, synagogues, and temples as second-class ‘non-essential’ organizations.”

“Marijuana dispensaries, liquor stores, fast food restaurants, laundromats, and numerous other businesses are allowed to operate provided social distancing standards are satisfied. The same should be true of houses of worship,” said Dhillon.

“Without immediate judicial intervention, our clients will suffer irreparable harm,” concluded Dhillon.

The Center for American Liberty defends religious freedom against social engineering disguised as stay-at-home orders amidst COVID.

They are also working on the case of Andy Ngo who was brutally assaulted by ANTIFA in Portland. The Mayor of Portland and the local DA are both avowed socialists and have allowed ANTIFA to assault multiple people without legal recourse.

If you care about defending Religious Liberty, the First Amendment and the rule of law – please take a look at the Center for American Liberty and make a donation to fund their efforts. This is not some PAC sending mass emails, this money actually goes straight to fighting court cases. Please donate by using this link.