Oct 152012

What do AFSCME, SEIU, CMA, the Public Employees Union, the Realtors and the Dentists have in common?

They want to “get” Rico Oller.

Why? They all want higher taxes.


Got all that? Look who funded it: SEIU (aka Service Employees), the Dentists and another PAC called: CALIFORNIANS FOR FISCAL ACCOUNTABILITY AND RESPONSIBILITY.

Take a closer look at CALIFORNIANS FOR FISCAL ACCOUNTABILITY AND RESPONSIBILITY: SEIU, Construction Workers, California Medical Association (aka Health Care Workers Union), School Employees Union, AFSCME, the Dentists and Realtors.

All of these groups have major skin in the game. They want Frank Bigelow, because Bigelow will vote to raise taxes and will negotiate on state budgets. The Dentists and the Medical Union are worried about Medi-Cal reimbursements, the Realtors want someone who will negotiate on taxing things other than Real Estate Sales and the SEIU/AFSCME just want to elect RINO’s.

The 5th Assembly District Deserves Better

Mariposa County Democrats / AFL-CIO – Frank Bigelow is our Man

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Oct 042012

First – take a look at the AFL-CIO endorsement of “Republican” Frank Bigelow.

And now for the main course:

Subject: An open Letter from two District 5 Democrats on the Assembly Race to Democrats

Hi, everyone – Below is a message from Heather Bernikoff and Dave Raboy regarding the Assembly Race. Due to the “top 2” primary, we do not have a Democrat on the ballot in November. There are two Republicans on the ballot; but there is a difference between them. After talking with the candidates, hearing them, and reviewing their positions, I have to agree with the email below – Frank Bigelow will be a better choice for our district.
Please do NOT consider this an official endorsement from any official Democrat; it’s just a look at the reality of what’s happening and a recommendation from friends that, rather than not voting, you consider voting for Frank Bigelow. Please review the letter below, and note that Heather & Dave are offering a “meet and greet” at their place with Frank on Oct 14.
Anne Brock
Dear Assembly District 5 Democrats – 

Due to the Top Two Primary concept that passed in the last election, we have only a choice of two Republicans in our Assembly District race – Frank Bigelow and Rico Oller.  As disenfranchising as this is, it does provide us the opportunity to select the candidate that is more moderate, has the most common sense, ability to work collaboratively and think through more complex ideas as opposed to what we have been seeing from the Republican party for the last 15 or so years.  I have interviewed both candidates and would recommend that Democrats vote for Frank Bigelow.  Let me be clear, Frank is not a Democrat. His views will be disappointing to us as Democrats.  However, we cannot waste our vote by staying out of this race.  If we do, we will most likely get the most ideological candidate. In our opinion, that is Rico Oller -a man supported by McClintock and Howard Jarvis.

Here is why I think Frank Bigelow is the better choice:
1. Contrary to his competitor, he has refused to sign the Grover Norquist pledge to not raise taxes – a pledge that has helped to cripple our nation in one of the worst economic times we have seen.  This shows leadership.
2. He has been a supporter of agricultural issues in particular land conservation through the Williamson Act. His own family ranch is under such a contract. These contracts are some of the reasons we still have the beautiful working landscape most of us enjoy. My ranch is also under this protection.
3. He supports expansion of rural telecommunications/broadband access. Given his background as part of the family that owns Ponderosa Telephone in Madera County, this is a natural fit. Broadband expansion is critical to support home based business, micro enterprise, greater participation in democracy, increased access to healthcare (through telemedicine/telehealth), and educational experience access.
4. He did not discount investment in clean, renewable energy when I spoke about this to him. He said he would be willing to look at any proposal.  Again, I want to be clear; he is a typical Republican climate change denier.  Conversely however, when I brought up renewables to Oller, they immediately said climate change was “not true”.  That was their response – the drill baby drill attitude.
5. In pulling both lists of major donors, Oller had more big corporation, lobbying associations, ultra right-wing supporters, including a contribution from McClintock’s campaign war chest (http://www.followthemoney.org/database/StateGlance/candidate.phtml?c=147280).  Bigelow had more agricultural related donors, grocery and American Indian Tribes (http://www.followthemoney.org/database/uniquecandidate.phtml?uc=1412061).

I hope you agree that our vote in this race cannot be wasted. If you live in a location that is along a highway or highly trafficked road in District 5, would you consider putting a large sign up for Frank?  I have putt a sign up on my ranch in Mariposa County.  There are also small signs for homes in neighborhoods too.  FYI – The green large signs do not have the word “conservative” on them , but the small ones do.  Please contact me if you are willing to put a sign up or if you have any questions.  My email is (redacted).

Finally, we will be hosting a meet and greet with Frank Bigelow at our house in the Catheys Valley/Hornitos area of Mariposa County at 2pm on Sunday October 14.  If you are interested in attending, please email me your RSVP, and I will send directions.

Thank you for listening.

Heather B and David R
Democrats who live in Mariposa County


Apr 292012

First off – the North State Farm and Business PAC is unloading $115,000 against CRA-endorsed Brian Dahle in AD-01. Instead of spending money to take target seats, they are attacking a Conservative in favor of an apparent Moderate in AD-01.

The North State Farm and Business PAC is controlled by – Curt Josiassen who is (drumroll) Doug LaMalfa’s cousin! (Cozy)

My sources have told me that seed the money for this IE came from LaMalfa / Jim Nielsen with the major part coming from the California Real Estate Independent Expenditure Committee and the Dental PAC. The driving force behind this is Stan Statham that many regard as a moderate in the Dick Dickerson mold.

The Realtors and the Dental PAC are the main fighting arms of the Cal Trailblazers. Cal Trailblazers was and is the brainchild of Kevin McCarthy modeled after the NRCC’s young guns program. It is an operation engineered to recruit Republican who will be loyal to leadership, no more, no less. Charles Munger’s money goes in there and the IE’s get funded.

I had wondered about the interesting insider activity – including renewed attacks against me personally and now I know. The standard Liberal Republican tactic of personal destruction is at play again they need to clear the battlefield.

In AD-05 – another safe Republican District, again – instead of trying to clip a Democrat, McCarthy and Munger are attempting to boost Frank Bigelow. Bigelow appears to be much more moderate than Rico Oller. Bigelow opposed the initiative that made fees a 2/3 vote, supported high-speed rail and apparently has made several statements in public about supporting open borders.

Have a look at the $200,000 that Kevin McCarthy, Charles Munger, et. al. are spending against CRA-Endorsed Rico Oller.

Let’s stop for a second and say that maybe there isn’t some sort of RINO conspiracy – logic would dictate the obvious question, Why is over $300k geting spent in safe Republican districts?

I do believe that the answer is that it is all about power and control which is why the Republican establishment would rather spend its’ meager resources defending indefensible incumbents and why the RINO’s want to take out Conservatives in safe districts. While Bigelow and Bossetti are not necessarily RINO’s – they were selected over Prototypical CRA Conservatives like Dahle and Oller.

I certainly appears that “They” are all re-arranging the deck chairs on the titanic while some king-maker somewhere is preparing himself to have a stable of electeds that all owe him political favors.

The bizarre insider activity is making much more sense now that I am seeing where the money is going. They are fighting for control of large parts of the Republican Party and similar to when they ran the drill against the Placer GOP Cent Com – they are at it again. Who cares about the California Republican Party, we just need “flexible” Republicans in office so we can cut the deals to keep the donors happy.

Bend over California.

P.S. IF you have forgotten who Charles Munger is – his money gave us Prop 14. He was also the money behind the attempt to decimate the California Republican Party platform.

CA AD-05 Update: Frank Bigelow, Country Club Liberal?

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Feb 022012

Frank Bigelow. Have you heard of him?

He is a moderate Republican supervisor from the very conservative county of Madera. Madera is one of the top 5 most Republican Counties in California.

Bigelow is a tax-and-spend liberal who is in love with High Speed Rail. Public records show that love affair lasted for several years and numerous votes – now that the whole world knows that High Speed Rail is a train wreck, Bigelow now stands courageously opposed to it.

Bigelow’s morally flexible stands on taxation also include his very public opposition to Prop 26. Prop 26 was put on the ballot to prevent the loopholes the money-addicted leaders in the state legislature were using to raise taxes under other names. Prop 26 prevents “Fees” aka taxes by other names from being raised without a 2/3 vote of the State Legislature.

Maybe it is more appropriate to call Frank Bigelow a liberal?

It doesn’t stop there. Bigelow has a bizarre notion of history and some special comments on illegal immigration. In October at Mt. Brow Vineyard (in Sonora), in the presence of some 100 guests, a newspaper and a radio reporter – Bigelow asked “Who will pick these grapes?” in response to a question about illegal immigration.

Bigelow’s moral flexibility continued as he boldly stated, “You can’t build a fence to keep people out. Remember what Reagan said to Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”

I’ve never heard Ronald Reagan invoked to rationalize illegal immigration, ever.

Frank Bigelow has distinguished himself in the annals of candidates I have seen over the 15 years I have been in this game… as a service to Bigelow, I’d like to remind him that the Berlin wall was built by communists to entrap the people of East Germany. A border fence is built to ensure that people enter the USA legally versus the Berlin Wall which was built to imprison the people of East Germany.

Frank Bigelow is just not ready for Prime-Time – let’s put him on a train to nowhere.