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It is amazing really, the Voice of OC is a respected left-leaning publication. I was actually shocked at what I saw in their most recent article about the Orange County Supervisor’s race. In order to set the table, let’s take a look at recent articles related to said race:

ON 1-13-2021, the Orange County Register blew up John MoorlachAlleged rape victim says her reputation is caught up in race for O.C. Supervisor 

“You did what many politicians do when a cover up of a sexual assault is exposed; you began to smear me behind the scenes,” Todd told Moorlach in the letter. To clear that up, she told Moorlach that she releases him from any privacy protections about her work record so he can openly discuss those alleged criticisms. Moorlach, who is being endorsed by the Republican Party of Orange County in the Supervisor race, didn’t respond to requests for comment.

Note that John Moorlach ignored the Orange County Register on 1-13-2021.

Then on 1-14-2021 we are treated to thisJohn Moorlach qualifies for ballot for the Orange County Board of Supervisors 

“The Orange County Republican Party, the Lincoln Club of Orange County, and the New Majority have endorsed former Supervisor John Moorlach,” current Orange County Republican Chairman Fred Whitaker said. “He’s won three races in that district and he’s the overwhelming favorite to return to the board.”

Moorlach ignores his former staffer and rape victim another day while parroting the old worn out good ole’ boys endorsements no one cares about.

Then on 1-15-2021, he is indeed available to talk to the leftist publication the Voice of OC.

Fountain Valley Mayor Jumps into High-Stakes Supervisor Race 

Moorlach says he shares county GOP Chairman Fred Whitaker’s concern that if Republicans don’t consolidate around him, it risks splitting the GOP vote handing the seat to Democrats. “I think that’s absolutely correct,” Moorlach told Voice of OC on Thursday. “We’re moving forward, getting everyone lined up, still raising funds,” he added, describing his strengths as being “seasoned, experienced and qualified.” … Whitaker didn’t return a phone message seeking comment.

Note that Whitaker has been smearing the rape victim and we have an email from him proving this allegation. Whitaker has also spent a ton of political capital trying to keep all the cocktail party circuit aligned behind the morally flawed John Moolach.

Morally Flawed? Yup- he is available to comment to the Voice of OC, but not the Orange County Register. I did find it rather odd that the social justice warriors at the Voice of OC ignored the overriding issue in this supervisor race, the rape of Trish Todd, the cover-up, the smearing of Mrs. Todd and the indifference of John Moolach towards it all. Is this because the Voice of OC is shilling for Katrina Foley?

The Voice of OC article was about another Republican jumping in to the race, and conveniently ignored the primary and most noteworthy issue. this is especially true if there is truth to the spin about Mr. Moolach being the front runner.

Did the Voice of OC make a deal with Moorlach to get him to comment for their article (as in we won’t ask)? Or, did they ignore the issue because they want Moorlach to siphon off a larger share of the vote enabling the crazed Katrina Foley to run stronger? Why else would people supposedly all about Women’s rights ignore the rape of one of John Moorlach’s staff to get a story?

Tim Clark was John Moorlach’s Chief of Staff at the time Trish Todd was raped by Bill Brough and according to the Orange County Register:

State records show that Clark worked as a consultant on Brough’s 2014 campaign for Assembly, months before Todd told him about the rape. In 2014, Brough paid Clark’s consulting firm $14,141. Two years later — months after Todd told Clark about the alleged rape — Brough paid Clark’s firm an additional $42,682.

Trish Todd Wrote Moorlach an open letter recently:

She asked that he come forward with any claims he had about her job performance by Thursday.

“This is the least you can do for one of your team members who served you loyally and was so let down by you and your office.”

Todd also asked Moorlach why he hasn’t ever reached out to offer support, either when she quit his office in 2016 or when he says he first heard of the rape allegation last fall.

“A little compassion and humanity from the person I respected would have helped in my long recovery journey,” Todd said.

“What did you do? Instead of helping or reaching out to me, you claimed that you blindly believed Tim Clark.”

You’d think the Voice of OC would ask a few questions rather than parroting talking points from the Cocktail Party Circuit. John Moorlach is done politically as the rest of the Trish Todd story has yet to be told, the Voice of OC missed an opportunity to engage in journalism. I believe this is because of their desite to see Katrina Foley win the election.

To be continued…

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