Jan 112021

Kevin Faulconer has a terrible resume’ for promotion. I became interested in Kevin Faulconer when I had learned that he had been handed the keys to the California Republican Party by the current Oligarchy of Controlled Failure that controls the party.

There is a major scandal brewing in San Diego related to the Asbestos-Riddled 101 Ash St Building.

An independent consultant later concluded that the city had failed to conduct its own assessment of the building’s condition before signing the lease agreement and instead had relied on the seller’s representations and documents.

The city continued to make lease payments until September.

Now Gordon and his lawyers want the $23 million-plus the city paid on the lease refunded. The city hired an outside attorney to defend itself.

The other legal complaint was filed by City Attorney Mara Elliott against the building seller and landlord weeks before Elliott was re-elected on Nov. 3.

That suit is not demanding any money back.

Instead the city’s lawsuit asks a Superior Court judge to validate the city’s decision in September to suspend the $535,000 monthly lease payments it had been making for the 19-story high rise, which has been unusable since the city signed the lease four years ago.

IF you read the article, you will see how some of Kevin Faulconer’s major Donors are embroiled in the middle of the scandal.

On Faulconer’s watch the Republicans lost almost every seat on the San Diego City Council and they lost the Board of Supervisors. As recently as 2014, San Diego went Red. Now it is solid Blue and there are few Repulbican Officeholders left in the county.

The local media labeled Faulconer is the latest in a long string of mediocre Mayors while giving him a score of C+.

Faulconer’s failure is memorialized in a YouTube Video.

As a bonus, while the Chargers are a sorry excuse for a Football Team, Faulconer managed to let them move away from San Diego on his watch too. It looks like I am going to have a lot of material as it relates to Kevin Faulconer.

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  One Response to “New Youtube Video – Allow Your Intrepid Blogger to Weigh in on Kevin Faulconer for Governor: A Legacy of Scandal, Mediocrity and Decimated SDGOP”

  1. Say NO to RINO Kevin Faulconer for Governor.

    I don’t know whom the voters can coalesce around after the recall is successful, but we cannot settle for Mr. Socialist Kevin Faulconer.

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