Nov 042019

I’ve got to ask the question, is Bonnie Gore running for higher office? She has a fundraiser coming up with Gentleman Jim Nielsen. Mr. Nielsen is our State Senator and is term-limited in 2022. Bonnie’s campaign staffer and current district director once worked for the Senator. (he’s a good dude by the way)

Gavin Newsom is a communist. He is also running for President in 2024. Therefore, California is a laboratory experiment for his paranoid fantasies. He is now using PG&E as a rag doll. It has long been the opinion of myself and others that Newsom wants to engineer a government takeover of PG&E:

PG&E has no one to thank but themselves for the position they are in. Conservatives hate them because they gave $500,000 against PROP 8, and Spent $1,000,000 defending the insane Cap and Trade Law + they Supported Chad Mayes’ Cap and Trade extension. PG&E also poured millions in to independent expenditures almost always against Conservatives.

Many of the squishy Republicans in office are there aided and abetted by PG&E.

But the Democrats have gotten even more of PG&E’s money, including Gavin Newsom who was raked it in.

While donating millions, the cowards that run PG&E never said anything about the environmental laws that hamstrung doing maintenance. Instead, they did little or nothing while power lines snapped and burned towns down. Rather than ask the state for relief, they filed bankruptcy to leave the insurance industry holding the bag for the disasters their snapped power lines caused.

However, there is NOTHING in American History that has gotten better with the government running it. Even the National Park Service was used as a pawn in Barack Hussein Obama’s narcissistic rage over a budget fight.

Here is my supervisor (who I gave $250 to and did professional work on behalf of in an independent effort) extolling the virtues of government-run utilities. Note the similarities between her talking points and Gavin Newsom’s talking points:

Supervisor Gore makes zero mention of the following: The state legislature put PG&E on the hook for acts of God, that’s right if an earthquake hits, or a landslide or a flood and a PG&E line snaps and burns down a neighborhood PG&E pays. The state legislature has passed such extreme environmental laws over the last 20 years that clearing power lines and doing maintenance costs tens of thousands of dollars in paperwork and months of bureaucratic delays. The Enviros sue PG&E frequently to hamstring them building infrastructure.

What my supervisor has done is what Gavin Newsom is doing – talking about the symptoms and not the cause. The political money and CEO bonuses are outrageous and should be stopped, but refusing to talk about the entire picture in the process of extolling a government takeover is intellectually dishonest. No one is talking about the liability issue or the environmental law issue.

I remember the Bonnie Mertus I met 20 years ago when she worked for Rico Oller. I want that Bonnie back. The big government Bonnie that looks like she is lining up a run for State Senate is not the Bonnie I thought I was donating $250 to when I helped run Jack Duran out of office.

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