Aug 052019

It has happened. Jenine Windeshausen quit in a huff last week when her 25% rate increase proposal was rejected at a previous meeting. She is the Placer County Treasurer-Tax Collector and is also the executive director of Pioneer Energy. In a letter sent to the Auburn Journal last week, she detailed her resignation over the Board’s preliminary vote to reject the massive rate hike.

Today, led by Cheryl Maki – from the Auburn City Council and Jenine Windeshausen who was determined to win the fight for the rate hike, it happened.

Placer County Supervisor Jim Holmes voted to hike your electricity bill 25% (he made the motion)

Colfax Councilmember Kim Douglas voted to hike your electricity bill 25% (flipped from no last week, to yes this week)

Loomis Town Councilmember Jeff Duncan voted to hike your electricity bill 25%

Lincoln City Councilmember Peter Gilbert voted to hike your electricity bill 25% (who also flipped from no last week, to yes this week)

as Did Auburn Councilmember Cheryl Maki. (who seconded Holmes’ motion)

For those of you on the outskirts of Lincoln, Loomis and anywhere around Colfax or Auburn has your home insurance cancelled or gone up thousands of dollars? I’ve been dealing with a never-ending nightmare in my insurance business and now these people just hammered you with a massive electrical rate increase on the heels of your insurance skyrocketing!!!

Even more outrageous is that the Board of Pioneer Energy voted for corporate welfare on the backs of the residential customers – handing business customers a 2% rate decrease at the same time!

It was put to me by multiple people at the meeting that the outcome appeared to be scripted. The staff of Pioneer Energy were way too quick and prepared to answer questions they had anticipated. The demeanor and countenance of the rate-hikers indicated they had all been contacted and knew the outcome before it happened. If indeed Jenine Windeshausen “ran a drill”, using her position as executive director to wield influence over members subject to the Brown Act (meaning that more than 2 can not talk outside of a public meeting about an issue) this would be grounds to recall her for a violation of the public trust.

Ripping off residential customers to subsidize rates for business clients is reason enough to recall her.

Be sure to thank Placer County Supervisor Kirk Uhler and Rocklin Councilmember Greg Janda for standing up and voting no.

The cover story for the consumer ripoff and corporate welfare is “paying off debt”. The debt held by the utility was only at a 3% interest rate and is now being paid for with a 25% rate increase. Only in the minds of government is that “fiscally responsible”, and only if you believe you are entitled to everyone else’s money that is.

Stay tuned to Right on Daily for more on the Pioneer 5, the mavens of corporate welfare that gave away the store on the backs of residential ratepayers…

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  1. What a bunch of garbage!!!!!!!!!! Pioneer came in with promises of lower rates … NOW WE HAVE TO PAY?????? I don’t think so!!!! Every government official should be recalled … Better yet fired & banned from holding any official status in the government anywhere!!!!!!

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