Apr 052019

Why? Because Bryan Maryott is sending me advertisements, that’s why. The Axiom difference I suppose…

In my Facebook and Instagram Feed No Less. AHEM – 95747 is a LONG WAY FROM CA-49.

Your intrepid blogger would like to HELP Bryan Maryott save a few bucks. Look in to targeting your Facebook Ads. There are plenty of perfectly good political operatives near your hometown of San Juan Capistrano that can help you narrow it down to say, Bakersfield? Heck, the really good ones may be able to get it narrowed down below Irvine.

And then of course I got this email too:

I’m sure you’ve read or heard plenty about New York socialist Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – not a day goes by that she doesn’t make an outlandish and quite frankly, dangerous claim. And now, as she feuds with her own Party’s campaign leadership, she is urging liberals across America to donate to fellow radical Democrat Mike Levin! That’s right; she’s urging Democrats to support Levin instead of the DCCC. Birds of a feather flock together… and Levin is one of just three Democrats she called out in this manner. Let’s just say if you have this type of AOC “endorsement”, you are DEFINITELY too far-left for the 49th District. Help me take on the radical left and win this seat in 2020, to restore common-sense leadership for our communities in Congress.  ** Please make a $5, $10, $25, $50, $100, or $250 special contribution if you’re on board! 
Contribute online here >>
Mike Levin has only been in office for four months, and he’s done everything he can to hide his radical true colors from voters because he KNOWS he’s out-of-step with 49th District voters.  He likes to portray himself as some type of “middle of the road” guy… when in reality, he supports the so-called “Green New Deal”, government-run healthcare, and other radical-left schemes that threaten jobs, our quality of life, and American freedom. We’re working hard to let voters know what Congressman Mike Levin is really all about, and take back in this seat in 2020. Will you help us share the word and grow Team Maryott at this vital time? I greatly appreciate any donation you can help with, Aaron! 

All the best, Brian Maryott
Candidate for U.S. Congress (CA-49)

Bryan – consider this blog post my contribution to your campaign. Since I have no idea how much money you are wasting advertising to Northern California, there is no need to thank me for the assistance. However, allow your intrepid blogger to suggest you stick to San Juan Capistrano City Council.

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