Mar 152019
Now that Newsom is Governor, who cares about campaign Promises!

There are 737 pieces of human debris on Death Row. They all had tons of appeals and legal maneuvers, some still have appeals left, most do not. Yet, since reinstating the death penalty in 1979, only 13 people have been executed.

Now Governor Newsom – similar to when he did gay marriages in violation of State Law to salvage his failing mayorship of San Francisco is defying state law once again. Newsom has declared the death penalty null and void in California.

Let’s meet some of the beneficiaries of Newsom’s unilateral decree – the Cop-Killers:

Regis Thomas, 46, black, 3 victims, convicted in 1995:  Thomas killed a man after an argument over mistaken identity and later shot to death two Compton police officers who had stopped him on the road.

Jackson Daniels, 48, black, 2 victims, convicted in 1984:  Daniels was paralyzed from the waist down after being shot by police following a bank robbery. When two Riverside police officers came to the home where he was bedridden to take him to prison for the robbery, he shot and killed both of them.

Ramon Sandoval, 35, Latino, 1 victim, convicted in 2003:  During a gang-related assault on a rival’s house, Sandoval killed a Long Beach police officer and wounded another who happened to drive by.

Jose Orosco, 38, Latino, 1 victim, convicted in 2007:  Orosco shot and killed a Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy who was building a case against him in another shooting.

Daniel Jenkins, 61, black, 1 victim, convicted in 1988:  Jenkins killed a Los Angeles police detective who was scheduled to testify against him in a robbery case, and he attempted to kill the robbery victim.

It makes perfect sense – disarm citizens by taking their guns, let thousands of criminals out early with a combination of deceptive propositions like Prop 47 and 57, then cap it off by letting the very worst of human debris out of the consequences of what they did. What else would you expect from the former mayor of a city with more drug addicts than High School Students!

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  4 Responses to “Meet Some of the Evil, Psychotic Killers Gavin Newsom is Letting Live Part 1 COP-KILLERS”

  1. This is unbelievable. I don’t even know how to comment about how angry this makes me feel and how wrong this is, especially when it goes against what the CA voters voted on concerning the deaths penalty. This only adds to the reason why we can’t get egistered voters to vote. They feel why bother! Very frustrating!

  2. It’s one thing to view these people from the outside. Try viewing them from the inside. These people should be executed in the Sam manner as their victims. That would be justice. Not a needle in the arm, where they nod off to meet Satan.

  3. You need to add Earl Green and Steven Woodruff that also killed police offiers in Riverside, and let’s not forget arsonists Raymond Lee Oyler that was responsible for the deaths of 5 U.S. Forest Service firefighters. There are other low life’s like James Anderson, William Hart, Joseph Edward Duncan and William Suff that do not deserve to breath the same air we do because of their conscience actions. This is going to start a revolution against Gavin Newson, and we can only hope a recall is initiated. If the good people of California can recall Gray Davis, they can recall this Governor.

  4. Recall Gavin Newsom. He has done enough damage to the beautiful state of California. He made a disaster of the City of SF. We must stop him now. A call to all legal voters of Ca. Help save our state. Vote Gavin Newsom OUT.

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