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The extreme left seem to be the only ones that like what Newsom did. The other 90% of society understand that the voters of California voted multiple times to uphold the death penalty. Perhaps it is because even liberal Californians get that some people can not be rehabilitated.

Gavin Newsom, on the other hand thinks the Death Penalty for killers is a Moral Issue (but not for Babies that survive an abortion).

Here are another 13 of the worst society has to offer:

Randy Kraft, 71, white, 16 victims, convicted in 1989:  Kraft killed 16 young men between 1972-1983, sexually mutilating some of them and leaving their bodies by the roadside. Six of the men were Marines. Most of the victims had been drugged with alcohol and prescription relaxants. Kraft was discovered when he was pulled over for drunk driving and officers found a dead man in the passenger seat.

Chester Turner, 49, black, 15 victims, convicted in 2007:  Turner killed 10 women, including one who was pregnant, in South Los Angeles and on L.A.’s skid row between 1987 and 1998. He strangled eight with his bare hands. He was convicted of four more murders in 2014.

William Suff, 66, white, 12 victims, convicted in 1995:  Suff killed 12 women and attempted to kill a 13th over a two-year period. He strangled his victims, most of whom were prostitutes, and gave some of their possessions to female friends.

Charles Ng, 55, Asian, 11 victims, convicted in 1999:  Ng is a serial killer, convicted in the deaths of 11 women and believed to have killed as many as 25. He and killing partner Leonard Lake used a dungeon adjacent to their Calaveras County cabin to torture victims. The crimes were discovered when Lake committed suicide.

Lonnie Franklin, 64, black, 10 victims, convicted in 2016:  Franklin, dubbed the “Grim Sleeper” because of an apparent break in his killings, killed nine women and a teenage girl from 1985 to 2007. Detectives believe he may have killed at least 25 women. He targeted women who were drug addicts or prostitutes and often dumped their naked bodies along roads or in the trash.

Marcus Wesson, 70, black, 9 victims, convicted in 2004:  Wesson, a family cult leader, ordered the deaths of nine of his children, all born of incest with his daughters. The mass murder was triggered by efforts of a niece to retrieve her children.

Ivan Hill, 55, black, 9 victims, convicted in 2007:  Hill, dubbed the “60 Freeway Killer,” raped and strangled six prostitutes in Orange County in 1993 and 1994. His link to the crimes was discovered 10 years later through DNA evidence while he was in state prison for armed robbery. He pleaded guilty two years later to killing two other women in 1986 and 1987, and in 1979 was convicted for the murder of a Glendora liquor store clerk during a robbery.

Run Chhoun, 43, Asian, 9 victims, convicted in 2000:  Chhoun, the leader of an Asian street gang, killed a man and his 73-year-old father during a home invasion and killed a Pomona man he mistook as a gang rival. Chhoun also killed five family members during a home invasion robbery in San Bernardino and killed another man during a drive-by shooting. He was charged with the murder of two people in Spokane, Wash.

Ramon Salcido, 55, Latino, 7 victims, convicted in 1990:  In a three-hour period, Salcido drove his three daughters to a gulch and slit their throats, drove to his mother-in-law’s house where he stabbed her and her two daughters, returned home and shot his wife, and then drove to the vineyard where he worked and shot two supervisors. Seven of the nine victims died.

Richard Farley, 68, white, 7 victims, convicted in 1992:  Farley went to the factory where he had been fired two years before and killed seven people and wounded four others.

David Carpenter, 86, white, 7 victims, convicted in 1984:  “Trailside Killer” Carpenter assaulted hikers on remote paths in Santa Cruz and Marin counties in 1980 and 1981, raping some and shooting seven to death.

Wayne Adam Ford, 57, white, 4 victims, convicted in 2006:  Ford turned himself in to the Humboldt County Sheriff Department in Eureka by in November 1998; he was carrying a woman’s severed breast in his pocket and confessed to having killed four women in 1997 and 1998.

Cary Stayner, 57, white, 4 victims, convicted in 2002:  Murdered two women and two teenagers in and around Yosemite National Park in 1999. The charred bodies of one woman and her teenage visitor from Argentina were found in the trunk of their burned rental car; a note was sent to police with a hand-drawn map indicating the location of the third victim, the woman’s daughter. A fourth, separate victim was found decapitated.

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  2 Responses to “Gavin’s Goons Part 2 – More of the Scum He Is Letting Live. Think: Mass Murder, Rape, Torture”

  1. I say it’s time for a recall of Gavin Newson, we don’t need his type of politics in Sacramento.

  2. Gavin is nuts! He overturns death penalty convictions on moral grounds, but kills babies by abortion or infanticide, but feels there is nothing morally wrong with that! Recall Gavin Newsom! I haven’t even talked about all the tax increase issues that are causing the middle class to not be able to afford to live in CA anymore. They are moving out by the hordes because they can’t afford to live here anymore. I personally know of 6 people in my north area of CA who have move out of the state and that has been in the past 4 months.

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