Feb 282019
There is no substitute for the genuine article. Two Bay Area Dudes and a creature of Sacramento are running against Brian Dahle.

Rex Hime is a career lobbyist / “Third House” dude. A lot of my friends in Placer County think Hime is a righteous dude and have endorsed him. I’ve been told that Rex Hime is a right-winger. I have a hard time believing that as the Sacramento Cesspool either does brain damage, sucks you in to a compromise vortex or turns you out. No offense to Mr. Hime, it is what it is. 21 years in the political game has taught me a healthy disdain for Crapitol Mall. I don’t have a whole lot more to say about Mr. Hime, in deference to all the people I know that think highly of him.

Speaking of things Mr. Hime, Dizuba and Kiley have never operated…

Then there is Brian Dahle. I remember helping him beat the establishment in 2012. I wrote a piece about Brian Dahle in 2017 when he shocked the political world, ascending to Assembly Minority Leader.

What about Brian Dahle? I first met Dahle in 2011 when I was helping Andy Pugno against Beth Gaines and Shasta County Supervisor Les Baugh against Ted Gaines. Les told me what a great man and Christian Brian was. Dahle was then a Lassen County Supervisor. Dahle was supportive of Les against Ted Gaines despite the fact that Gaines was a prohibitive favorite. Seeing Dahle honor his friendship of Les Baugh meant something in the political world of shifting sands, backstabbing and expedience. This was even more amazing as Dahle was in an uphill fight for Assembly.

If you are wondering about Brian Dahle’s Conservative Bona-Fides:

California Alliance to Protect Private Property Rights: 100%

Lifetime 14% from California League of Conservation Voters – despite being smeared as a green Republican by others. Heck, the Sierra Club came in at 18%, I guess we should tar and feather Dahle for apostasy.

Despite getting blasted for taking Labor Union Money – here is the California Labor Federation giving Dahle a PERFECT 0% Committee Vote Lifetime Score. I wonder if this came up in his opponent’s research? Ok, so Dahle gets a 15% lifetime rating for his floor votes, what a union stooge.

The Capitol Resource Institute – who supported Dahle’s opponent in 2012 after taking thousands from the political machine behind him, rated Dahle 100%.

Howard Jarvis rated Dahle at 98% in 2016, the California Taxpayers Association was at 100% in 2018.

The NFIB chipped in a 100% rating.

In 2016, Howard Jarvis, the CA Pro-Life Council, Crime Victims United, and the California Labor Federation all endorsed Dahle. Heck, the NRA rates him a lifetime A and endorsed him for good measure.

This is why the support of the Police (PORAC) and the Firefighters Unions, who frequently endorse Republicans do not phase me in the slightest.

I am going to take to a separate post (or 20) to talk about Kevin Kiley. While he is a talented young man, I have not been impressed with several decisions he has made. Suffice to say, I would prefer Rex Hime (If I could not have Dahle) to Mr. Kiley as a perspective State Senator. The reasons are not personal, they are issues of leadership and choices.

Just to tease an example – in the just concluded CAGOP Officer Elections, Both Kiley and Dahle appointed an array of people across the spectrum. Some supported Travis Allen, most supported Jessica Patterson (IE the Establishment). Rex Hime was appointed by Kevin McCarthy and his Proxy was carried to the CAGOP Convention by Patterson herself. Dahle endorsed Patterson.

Kevin Kiley did not endorse anyone, yet his proxy was carried by Trump-Hater and noted liberal GOP Consultant Kevin Spillane. I have far more respect for Dahle and Hime planting their flag on the wrong side than attempting to waffle out of taking a stand. (Note: I worked for Pay for Travis Allen and was proud to stand up for Conservatives in doing so)

To be continued…

Dahle Family Circa 2012
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  5 Responses to “Time to Talk About the #SD01 Special Election – Why My Choice is Brian Dahle”

  1. I’ve never met Brian Dahle but he came across as very sincere at the candidate debate this week and his perspective as a farmer/business owner is sorely needed in the legislature. I like Kevin Kiley a lot and have been very happy with him as my representative. He’s smart, articulate, and hardworking. Unfortunately, if either of them is elected to the Senate it will trigger another special election to fill the Assembly seat. What can they do in the Senate that they can’t do in the Assembly? Fortunately, we have another great option in Rex Hime. He knows his way around the capitol, understands how over-regulation is killing business in California, and has the temperament and experience to quickly assume the role of the elder statesman. Hime in the Senate plus Dahle and Kiley in the Assembly would be a win-win-win for California.

  2. Sarah – everything you wrote is valid. However, Brian is tough as nails and has never been a lobbyist. Thanks for reading and engaging on this blog, it is appreciated.

  3. My concern is that this is a Primary Election. I’ve heard conservatives making the case that both Dahle and Kiley are both doing a good job for the GOP in their current roles, so why open either of those seats up to another special election where a Dem may take their spot, not to mention saving Nor Cal counties hundres of thousands $ for the second special election… But its pretty obvious that no candidate in this election is going to get a 50% vote, which means voting for anyone besides a Republican front runner opens the door to one or both of the Democratic candidates being the only option on the actual two-candidate
    election ballot. I don’t think that Republicans should spread their votes out between three candidates on this Primary Election if they ultimately want a Republican in this seat. They should focus on the most likely vote getter. I’m not sure if that will be Dahle or Kiley, but I doubt that it will be Hines.

  4. Problem with Mr. Dahle is that he is the “B Team” when it comes to the needs of the entire commercial real estate industry that is a key driver for the economy. Rex Hime is the expert in the room, the entire legislature, when it comes to the needs and health of the entire California real estate industry, including agribusiness, timber, and the massive commercial and residential rental industry. With only two legislators deeply involved in commercial real estate, and the need to constantly educate legislators in a way where they do not destroy this massive industry worth trillions of dollars and contributing to our state economy. Driving a combine does not qualify one as a commercial real estate expert, but being an appointee of every single governor since, and including Ronald Reagan, having decades of taxpayer advocacy experience, being a military veteran, and having impeccable educational and taxpayer advocacy credentials speak for themselves. For that reason, I am all in for Rex Hime.

  5. William – curious, do you have any insight as to why the Realtors put $150,000 in to Dahle? They also double-maxed to his assembly campaign account?

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