Jun 282017

Officially, yesterday – former State Assemblymember Connie Conway announced that she is running for Board of Equalization. We are thrilled. We believe that Connie Conway represents the best way for the North State to continue to have representation again.

It had appeared that the feckless Ted Gaines was going to have a free ride. Now he does not.

Connie Conway is well-connected and enters the race with a money advantage right out of the gate.

Ted Gaines had been positioning a run as follows:

  1. his disgraced former Chief of Staff, Steve Davey, who was fired by the Senate Rules Committee for multiple verified claims of sexual harrassment was recently seen at the CAGOP convention actively involved in the “leadership drills”. This is a clear nexus to try to lock down the handful of remaining institutional donors to donate and possibly run IE’s for Gaines.
  2. Gaines popped out of his spider hole, attending the CRA convention at the behest of his employee Bill Cardoza and BOE Employee, the CRA’s Pol-Pot Bellied Information Minister Thomas N Hudson
  3. Gaines was buying slate mail cards last year while still on the ballot for State Senate! (Shows how much he cares about SD01)

Unlike Gaines, Connie Conway has never moved to facilitate runs for office.

Unlike Gaines, Conway is popular within GOP volunteer circles.

Unlike Gaines, Conway maintains a lot of positive relationships with insiders.

Despite my past criticisms of her, I’ve been told by several that she was an effective legislator. She accomplished more than both Gaines put together by a factor of 100.

Should Conway win, this will decimate the Gaines plan to continue to infest office well in to the 2020’s. The plan is for Beth Gaines to run for State Senate D1 should Ted Gaines win his BOE race. This family dynasty stuff needs to end.

In Conway, we will be able to get an effective legislator without a personal agenda of furtherance of a family dynasty. This is what the North State deserves.

We look forward to educating the North State about Connie Conway going forward.

P.S. The California Impact Republicans have not endorsed in BOE D1 at this time. I will be advocating on behalf of Mrs. Conway – but as of right now, the comments and accounts of this blog do not represent the opinion or endorsement of CIR.

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