Feb 122017

Gallup – the granddaddy of US polling says it all. 84% of Americans see Trump as Legitimate. This includes 76% of Clinton Voters.

So who is rioting? Why do they seem to migrate from protest to protest? It is a clear fringe of society, 24% of 48% of the electorate.

As I have written previously, the left knows that they have willing accomplices in the American Media (witness the 5 blogs about fake news in just the last week alone) and as such, they are staging events for the Camera Eye. The internet allows the right to quickly debunk outright lies being propagated by the left and the media – but in the case of the #muslimban which is not a muslim ban, the Media deception machine still works.

The left has overplayed their hand. They are unable to tell the truth about their opposition to Trump’s policies, so let me spell it out:

  1. Immigration. The left sees immigrants as welfare recipients and as a result democrat voters.
  2. Trade. The left wants lopsidedly anti-american trade deals in order to weaken America globally. America’s very existence is an anathema to global socialism.
  3. Tax Reform. The left wants regressive taxation to keep people poor and dependent on government. A more prosperous people get more conservative.
  4. Jobs. The left prefer insane regulation and outsourcing to economic prosperity. A more prosperous people get more conservative.
  5. Religious Freedom. The left hate Christian Values, because they are an anathema to the platform of the democrat party.
  6. Gun Rights. The left oppose them as guns = power to the people, not government.

The deceptions used in order to avoid telling the truth?:

  1. If you want any sort of control or immigration enforcement, you are a racist.
  2. If you think government regulation has gone too far, you hate the environment.
  3. If you are pro-life, you hate women
  4. If you want to reform welfare, you hate black people
  5. If you want tax reform, then you support tax cuts for the rich. (Marxist class warfare argument)
  6. If you support religious freedom, then you hate LGBTQ
  7. if you support Gun Rights, then you support more crime

Get it? De-humanize your opponents. Once you strip your opponents of their humanity, then you can justify anything. This would include riots, destroying property, threats (internet or otherwise), censorship (a la facebook, twitter, etc), lying in place of news stories, and in extreme cases imprisonment, torture and mass murder. (See Also Mao Tse Tung, Josef Stalin, etc.)

The American left know that a unified America is a Conservative America. The American left know that a Christian America would cause the influence of Judeo-Christian morality to increase at the expense of the welfare state.

Look at what the left is freaked out over:

A riot/march called the women’s march was hosted by a Muslim Woman with ties to Hamas. So, it is clear that the left has thrown in with Islam (radical and otherwise). It is also clear that Abortion is an issue that democrats will ironically fight to the death over as they have successfully pedaled a lie that Abortion is Women’s rights. Unfortunately for them – even biased polling shows they are finally losing the effectiveness of that lie. Marist was consistently favorable to Democrats in their 2016 polling. 54-57% of White Women voted for Trump, this fact apparently has terrified democrats to the point of the disgusting spectacle of Women marching in costumes dummied up to look like female genitalia. (That ironically is mutilated in 80% of the cases of Muslim women worldwide)

They have bet almost all of their political capitol on the #Muslimban lie. This shows that the race card and the demagoguery of splitting people along racial lines is a key cornerstone to their future relevance. They are losing that battle too, 66% of Americans agree with Banning Muslim Immigration and majorities across the board in polling data favor stricter enforcement of immigration laws. Exit polls show that across the board, Donald Trump did better than Mitt Romney with all demographic groups, this despite my firsthand knowledge of democrats telling Mexicans they will get deported if Trump wins. (Note that ICE is indeed doing raids, and are deporting convicted felons that Obama’s illegal executive order in 2013 allowed to stay – this is quite different than the lie that people with green cards and/or citizens would be deported)

The democrats have turned the confirmation of Trump’s Cabinet appointments in to a historically slow partisan dog and pony show. This is for two reasons: 1. They have a deep, inner need to “get trump” somewhere, just to stop something he is doing. The second reason dovetails with my above list.

They smeared Tom Price – ironically, one of the club because they want to keep Obama’s disastrous socialized medicine program in force. Rather than be honest, they smeared the Congressman with unrelated issues.

They smeared Betsy DeVos because she supports School Choice. She will help break the stranglehold Public Employee Unions have over brainwashing our children.

They smeared Senator Jeff Sessions with the race card, going all out to stop him, because they know that their advances of the 8 years under Obama were due to his refusal to enforce existing laws and the enforcement thereof will reverse it.

They smeared Rex Tillerson because he is such a departure from John Kerry and Hillary Clinton that his success will make them look bad.

Donald Trump is literally attacking the foundation of liberalism:

  1. Creating Prosperity and Jobs – People get more conservative as they get further away from dependence on government
  2. Promoting liberty and freedom – this comes at the expense of government control
  3. Promoting religious freedom – People of Faith are by definition more conservative
  4. Promoting a national identity – returning to a unified melting pot versus a hyphenated separated society.
  5. Promoting competitive and dynamic education – instead of liberal one-size-fits-all outcome-based education
  6. America First – a strong America will cause other countries under brutal dictatorships to lose influence globally

The left is boxed in. They will be forced to protest and riot because their playbook has worn that thin. Their latest stunt of Blocking Education Secretary DeVos from a Washington D.C. School seems to have finally gotten the attention of some of the smart people within their ranks.

The left is boxed in. They will be forced to lie and smear their opponents because a divided America is their only hope for success. The Media will never discuss this, but as I was watching the tapes of the coverage on election night, at those moments it dawned on most of them what had happened. Their egos and personal biases took over quickly and they returned to their bubbles.

I will conclude by saying that I believe the leaders of the left understand everything I have written. I am just not sure if they can do anything about it other than what they have been doing that seems to no longer be working. It was my opinion that both Bushes hurt the GOP because of their failure to lead. Watching Donald Trump lead and watching carefully what he is doing shows me that a strong conservative leader transcends years of societal programming.

How sweet it is.

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