Feb 052017

I counted about 250 Anti-McClintock protesters outside. The Bee avoided using numbers, but attempted to make the crowd look large.

There were as many real people as there were anti-McClintock people there.

Tom McClintock was “escorted” to his car by officers, but did not need to be.

The Sacramento Bee lied in an attempt to make it look like a groundswell of opposition. There was not. IN my estimation, as I have a catalog of lefties in the area, at least half the people there “protesting” were from outside the area.

And the Bee wonders why they have to charge people to read their crap on line.

P.S. This is the same rag that has written three lie-infested hit pieces against Courage Worldwide in an anti-Christian Jihad to try to shut them down.

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  One Response to “Sacramento Bee Lied Again #FAKENEWS about McClintock Event”

  1. AMEN! God Bless Tom McClintock — and SacBee, YOU’RE FIRED!

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