Feb 052017

If you’ve been living under a rock, you are aware of the fake news around the temporary travel restrictions designed to get measures in place to screen people who want to kill Americans out.

At the same time the left is fighting for Muslims, the same left has been at war against Christians and Israel.

#1 Trump has been clear about getting rid of the Johnson Amendment. This is the law passed under the far-left LBJ administration that has been selectively used by the ACLU and others to threaten and intimidate the Christian Church in to silence. This law has been selectively applied, as black Churches have been used as campaign stops for liberal democrats and leftist dioceses that support Gay Marriage have been as well. The Johnson amendment was the law that bars non-profits from taking political positions.

#2 Congress has been forced to introduce the Free Speech Act, which guts the Johnson Amendment, but will also protect Christians so that people like the Baker in Oregon are never again destroyed financially by a liberal activist judge.

The Baker lost everything after the Judge and the State of Oregon foreclosed on them. The liberal activist judge went so far that even Oregon rejected him at the ballot box when he ran for higher office, as Oregon elected a Republican Secretary of State (first statewide Republican win in 14 years). See here for a summary of that election.

#3 Most people are not aware of some scary legal briefs that the Obama Admin submitted in legal arguments in the 8 years he infested the White House. They were the most anti-religious freedom ever. Far Left democrat Icon Bernie Sanders actually put it out there. He tweeted: We cannot sanction racism, sexism, homophobia and other forms of discrimination under the guise of “religious freedom.” Good God. The Obama administration said similar things in their briefs and actually argued that Abortion, Homosexuality, Social Welfare, etc. were more important than religious freedom.

If Religious Freedom goes, so does free speech in general.

#4 ABC News bit on a fabricated leak. It is not the fact that they are biased (remember their tracking poll with a D+10 Sample showing Hillary Clinton Up 7 a week before election day?) – it is the fact that they, too let the cat out of the bag. They spun an upcoming religious freedom executive order as “Taking away LGBT Rights“.

Remember – Christian groups were forced to go to long, costly legal battles against the Obama admin in order to not be forced to murder unborn children or hire LGBT employees. Apparently ABC News sees this as taking away LGBT rights. The Obama Admin did as well, which is why they fought against Catholic Charities, Hobby Lobby et. al.

The most egregious part of the impending executive order according to extremist Gay Activists quoted by ABC News?

Also, the proposed order would exempt “all persons and religious organizations” from providing health care options that include contraceptive coverage, as required under the Affordable Care Act, if they “object to complying with the mandate for religious or moral reasons.”

The order would expand the definition of a religious organization to include “closely held for-profit corporations, operated for a religious purpose, even if its purpose is not exclusively religious.”

That would apply to companies like Hobby Lobby, which brought a landmark case against the Obama administration challenging the requirement that employer-provided health care include contraceptive coverage.

The order would ensure tax-exempt status for religious organizations if they speak out on beliefs opposing gay marriage, extramarital sex, abortion rights and rights for transgender individuals.

That would roll back aspects of the Johnson Amendment, a 1954 law prohibiting tax-exempt organizations from endorsing or opposing political candidates. Trump promised repeal of the amendment as a candidate, though congressional action would be necessary for that to occur.

The order would establish a working group in the Justice Department to “ensure that the religious freedom of persons and religious organizations is protected throughout the United States” and take “appropriate action.”

Well there you have it. The 1990’s era playbook of division. Trump, the usurper is exposing the American Left. The Blizzard of Trump rolls on.

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