Feb 122017

For those of you in the area that are not living under a rock, you were likely aware of the out of area protesters that were “organized” by a string of leftist groups to descend upon the recent Townhall meeting of Congressman Tom McClintock.

The Trump-Hating and frequently proven liars at Politico did a story on the Townhall. They, of course highlighted the police escort out of the building that McClintock got. The Roseville PD had 24 officers on duty and being a middle-class suburb were not about to enable property destruction and vandalism that leftist protests usually bring.

The politico story is the typical 1990’s era playbook Media drill. The idea is to create an illusion that America agrees with their biased view of the world. The article focused on Obamacare and the Refugee order. Leftists are being organized all over America to harrass Republican Congressmembers in order to save socialized medicine and to preserve what the democrats see as their best recruiting tool – mass migration. There is a key problem, Americans don’t want open borders and only 27% want to keep Obamacare intact. I guess Politico missed the memo.  Depending on the poll 55-66% of Americans want a halt on Middle Eastern Refugees entering the US.

Enter World Relief Sacramento. I have been made aware of a slew of Left-Wing Groups that were attempting to organize a large group to try and intimidate and shout down Congressman McCintock. They managed about 250 people.

Several of these groups had referenced World Relief Sacramento’s blast email from their MailChimp platform asking people to go to McClintock’s rally to voice their opposition to Trump’s TEMPORARY TRAVEL BAN. Note – the #MUSLIMBAN thing is a LIE sold repeatedly by the media and parroted by trump-haters worldwide.

Apparently this Non-Profit was engaging in political activity, even though their email was carefully worded. It’s timing and message was way too similar to some of the leftist groups that were organizing against McClintock. In addition, they requested that people receiving the email show up at the Townhall to tell McClintock how much refugees mean to them. Having been in a few political dust ups in my lifetime, I’ve seen similar calls to action in the past.

I am going to focus on this gem in the middle of their email:

Still we Stand Campaign

Without the full support of the new presidential administration, refugees need our help—more than ever—to become independent, and fully adjust to life in the U.S.

I am sure disgraced uber-partisan IRS Commissioner Lois Lerner would have approved of this 501C3 designation while stonewalling the applications of Conservative Groups.

Also included in the email:

Other Ways to Act
1. Find and write to your elected officials
2. Call your U.S. Senators and U.S. Representative by dialing

Once connected, you can share:

  • Your name, city, and state

  • That you are calling to express your support for the U.S. Refugee Resettlement program

  • One or two reasons why you personally believe in welcoming refugee

It is also replete with the “We Welcome Refugees” and other buzzwords that you see on the professionally made pre-printed signs being carried by leftist protesters who are breathlessly covered by the national media protesting (fill in the blank here).

I am deeply suspicious of this group as their timing for communication and the verbiage of their website is way too carefully worded for them to be non-partisan as they claim. Since this group attempts to work with local churches, I wonder if the members of said Churches would feel differently knowing this group is actively attempting to undermine Conservatives?

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