Jan 092017

See the inserted Jpeg. The Sutter-Yuba Tea Party along with the Sutter-Yuba Impact Republicans is hosting a party. It is on 1/20/2017 to correspond with the inauguration of Donald Trump.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you will remember that Hillary Clinton called Trump’s supporters a “Basket of Deplorables”. A new term was born: a Deplor-a-ball to signify a party for a group of Trump supporters.

Well, It was brought to my attention that people who may or may not include Elaine Miles (remember the person who was sued and ended up with a Judgement against her for vandalism?) and Liz Cervantes are leading an effort to have a competing event on the same day. (Nothing has been announced as of yet – but Cervantes did speak loudly that no one should attend the Deplor-a-ball)

I told Larry and Carla Virga that this is standard, as when I was president of the Placer RA, Ken Campbell the then chairman of the Placer GOP used to deliberately schedule Placer GOP events the week before ours in order to try to depress our turnout.

We still ended up with the largest legitimate unit in the CRA despite the best efforts of the alleged conservative Ken Campbell. We raised and spent thousands of dollars despite the efforts of Ken Campbell. Now the core group that defected from the RA has formed the Placer IR which just got done unseating two democrats from local office and torching two more in 2016, while recruiting dozens of new members never before a part of a GOP Group.

The Sutter-Yuba IR is full of people that had never been a part of a GOP group before. Apparently, this is more than the leadership of the Sutter GOP can handle. They should just leave well enough alone and let the IR / Tea Party do their thing, while they, the Sutter GOP do theirs. There is no way in —- that the Partisan GOP electeds in the area are happy with this turn of events or are supporting the hostility of the Sutter GOP leadership. (Some may dislike me intensely, but they recognize the state of the GOP in California as a whole and are eschewing open warfare)

You can add this anecdote to the list of why the CAGOP is at 27% and falling. I will also note that many of the current members of the Sutter GOP that are actively fighting with local volunteer groups were supported by the Consultant Oligarchy I referred to in my previous post. It continues to mystify me as to what they are trying to accomplish because the results are chaos. There is no way they wanted open warfare when they chose to spend the money they did.

BTW – Buy tickets to the event to support that group, they are good people.

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